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Deconstructing B&B: Confrontations and drama ruled the week as storylines built momentum

“The Bold and the Beautiful” for April 18 - 22:

This week left viewers anticipating what will lay ahead on the twisted path to Ridge and Caroline’s secret being exposed, the Avant family’s drama blowing up, and the battle between brothers Wyatt and Liam. Thoughts:

I will always love you.
Trouble was swirling with the Avants and Zende this week, as Sasha overstepped and told Nicole that Zende was in love with her. Nope, he’s not, and while we can understand Sasha’s desire for love and attention, her aggressive pursuit of Zende and the ‘feel sorry for me’ stuff makes her hard to like. Anyway, there were some tense conversations, though I was a tad disappointed with the Zende/Sasha confrontation as the spoiler made it sound like he was really going to shock Sasha with what he had to say, but he actually didn’t say much, and she was able to turn it around so he ended up reassuring her. There was other confrontations involving those concerned about Nicole – namely Maya, Rick, and Vivienne –good drama, but nothing really changed. What seems apparent is that (a) Zende still loves Nicole, meaning that they could get back together after she has the baby, and (b) Sasha is chomping at the bit to reveal that Julius is her father, and the slightest provocation will serve as an excuse. Zende marginalizing her in favor of Nicole would certainly do the trick!

This is all your fault.
Katie went off the rails again when facing a confrontation by Bill and Brooke. It’s so uncomfortable to watch when she ends up crying and snotting all over Bill that she can’t live without him. Girl! Anyway, she made a surprising apology to Brooke, who looked like she expected to be slapped again when Katie found her in the office. For her part, Brooke has been all about assuring Katie that nothing will ever happen between her and Bill. But Bill clasped Brooke’s hand when they spoke about Katie at Forrester and it felt like a moment…would Brooke be able to resist for long if Bill pursued her? I think not.

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Saved by the…truck?
So, Ridge dodged a bullet when Dr. Wolin got hit by that truck…or did he? Between catty Katie knowing the truth and ratty Rick all but drooling to get some dirt on him, he may be screwed anyway. Had to laugh at Rick’s ‘friend’ having seen the goings-on at the outdoor café – so convenient! Hehe. In any case, it will be interesting to see when and how the secret comes out, as Caroline seems ready to tell Thomas at the slightest suggestion that they might be found out. Her guilt could be their undoing even before Rick. In the meantime, it’s shaping up to be an interesting ride with Katie and Ridge, as she was very upfront in confronting him about Dr. Wolin’s very specific claim, and Ridge’s ominous response when she wouldn’t back off was to warn her that she’s playing a dangerous game. Yipe!

Taking back what’s his.
Steffy told Wyatt that she should be the one to tell Liam they were married, and she did, which made for some intense emotional scenes and a hot kiss! Later, at the love-in for Liam at Forrester Creations, Ridge, who knows his daughter, kept asking how she felt about her marriage now that Liam was back. Though Steffy’s insisting her marriage will hold up, she’s clearly conflicted, and Ridge, who assured her no one would blame her for changing her mind, knows Liam is it for her. Meanwhile, Liam implored Wyatt to step aside since Steffy had married him under false pretenses, and methinks he might as well. As noted in last week’s Deconstructing B&B, Wyatt is only prolonging the agony by trying to hang on to Steffy, who may have feelings for him, but has always been more in love with his brother. Wyatt isn’t stupid – he had to know from the outset that by pursuing Steffy and rushing her to the altar there would be a high risk of history repeating itself. He should probably cut his losses and start dating women who have never met Liam before. That wouldn’t be nearly as soapy though, and so we look forward to the battle of the brothers, which thanks to the no-holds-barred clash at Forrester Creations, is already looking to be epic. Viewers reacted to Liam accusing Wyatt of being in on it with Quinn:

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– Candace Young


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