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Deconstructing B&B: Everyone has a secret, knows a secret, or both!

“The Bold and the Beautiful” for April 11 – 15:

“B&B” was a mix of secret-keeping and confrontations this week. Loved that things kicked off with the reveal that Deacon was alive! Thoughts:

A closet case.
As noted in last week’s Deconstructing B&B, there were multiple payoffs after Wyatt discovered Quinn and Liam at the cabin, and they kept coming on Monday’s episode, as Deacon crawled up out of the water, still dripping and draped in seaweed (loved this!), for an epic confrontation with Quinn, Steffy learned the extent of what Quinn had done to Liam, and Wyatt dialed Bill in on the details of the kidnapping debacle. So much drama! Naturally, by the time Bill and Wyatt made it back to the cabin, Quinn had made her escape, presumably having cajoled the axe-wielding Deacon into giving her a second chance in a new locale. A bit of a bummer, but it was the expected outcome, and left us with a few funny scenes as Bill and Wyatt discovered the doctored photos, and Lt. Baker perused the premises, hot dog in hand. The look Bill gave him and his officer when they joked about the seaweed was priceless!

Torn between two brothers.
Back at Liam’s pad, he continued to try and explain his ordeal to Steffy, and later thanked Wyatt profusely for giving him his life back, as he still had no idea that Wyatt had stolen it. Awkward! Steffy and Wyatt put off telling him the truth due to his delicate condition, and Steffy lashed out at Wyatt for failing to mention the footage of Quinn and Liam in the parking lot. Again, I think he knew something deep down then…otherwise why wouldn’t he mention it? Anyway, Steffy ranted about Quinn’s extreme plan to get them to the altar, and Wyatt protested that they hadn’t got married because of her manipulations, but because they wanted to. Methinks he’s just prolonging the agony by weaving these fairytales. Steffy agreed with him, but the faraway look in her eyes told the truth of it…her mind and her heart were already back with Liam.

This week brought another round of Sasha whining at various people to love her and be happy for her. Sorry girl, you’re going about it the wrong way. I feel bad for her, but not enough to root for her in this situation. Nicole got good and angry when Sasha told her Zende was in love with her and confronted him. He, of course, denied being in love with Sasha and clarified that he was just being gentlemanly about hooking up. Seeing Nicole angry made me excited for her to have that baby and take her man back. In any case, once Sasha hears Zende does not love her, and still loves Nicole, she will be more vengeful than ever. Something tells me she won’t be satisfied until she’s exposed Julius and rocked his and Nicole’s world.

Vote! Tenth annual Sudzies!

Liquid lunch.
Boozy, unemployed Dr. Wolin found a new drinking buddy in Katie, and spilled Ridge’s big secret to her. Ooo! Though both Ridge and Katie warned Wolin not to try and cause trouble, he called Ridge to meet him at the park and demanded a cool $100,000 in cash to keep quiet about ‘Mr. Big Shot’ not being Douglas’ biological father. In a stroke of luck for Ridge, it appears fate intervened and pushed Wolin into the path of an oncoming truck. If so, that leaves Katie, also a boozy loose cannon type these days, as the wildcard. Viewers reacted to Ridge’s blackmailer getting hit by a truck:

A nose for trouble.
While Katie was day-drinking with Dr. Wolin, Brooke was sniffing her way through Katie’s kitchen cabinets. So funny! When Bill happened upon the scene, Brooke was directed him to the hidden stash of vodka. Katie wheeled in all tipsy and seemingly set to dish about Caroline and Ridge’s secret with Bill, but instead found herself being confronted about her lies. Good scenes! Especially Katie trying to placate Bill while shooting daggers at Brooke with her eyes. Hehe!

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– Candace Young


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