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Deconstructing B&B: Multiple dramatic payoffs as Quinn’s fantasy life crumbles

“The Bold and the Beautiful” for April 4 -8:

The week mostly revolved around Quinn’s crazy cabin, and as hoped, the payoff was worth the wait – in fact, there were multiple payoffs! Thoughts:

Save the marriage.
As mentioned in the previous Deconstructing B&B, the Katie/Bill/Brooke storyline feels a little ‘been there done that’, and continued to do so this week. There’s no question it’s entertaining to see the sisters butting heads, but there’s still a lack of anticipation for what might be ahead. Luckily, “B&B” often surprises viewers with an unexpected and dramatic payoff, so here’s hoping that will come down the road.

Cracks in the foundation.
Liam worked hard on the composite photo of a woman with long brassy hair to match the one with shorter, dark hair he was picturing lifting the veil in his mind. Hehe. In any case, his memory returned in fits and starts as Quinn was at Wyatt’s beach house celebrating the culmination of her plan to marry him off to Steffy. Liam saw just enough in his memory to suspect something wasn’t right, and set to grilling Quinn when she returned. Quinn’s true colors began to emerge as she lost her temper with him. Loved how the writers built up the anticipation to the truth coming out by flipping back and forth between what was happening at the cabin, and back home. When Wyatt told Steffy he would pay a ‘surprise’ visit to his mother and meet this ‘Adam’ guy, we could hardly wait for what would come next!

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Quinn’s fantasy world crumbles.
Wyatt did visit Quinn and oh boy, was he shocked at what he walked in on! This was the first delicious payoff as Wyatt’s shock and disgust was portrayed brilliantly by Darin Brooks! I was on the edge of my seat during Thursday’s episode, as Liam’s memories began to come back one after another while Quinn desperately tried to work on Wyatt’s insecurities outside the door to get him to walk away and let her carry on with her deception. Again, Wyatt’s reactions and expressions as he realized that she was holding his brother captive and was claiming to have fallen in love with him were priceless! Inside the cabin, Liam’s memories were coming flooding back, and the anticipation then began to build for Liam’s homecoming. Liam’s enraged showdown with Quinn, as Wyatt looked on in shock was top entertainment – riveting! How fun was it to see Wyatt team up with Liam to lock his mother in the closet? Karma’s a bitch!

I’m home.
Of course the final payoff was the most emotional. Liam only knew one thing – he had to get to Steffy. When he arrived at the Malibu house, where Bill and Steffy had come to the grim realization that he was in trouble, Wyatt pointed him to the path where Steffy was on the beach. He scored points with me for doing the right thing, although this is clearly going to be a complicated situation for the brothers and Steffy. I believe Wyatt knows what’s what deep down – he probably knew it when he made the decision to rescue Liam at the cabin. Anywho, Liam ambled down to the beach and spotted Steffy on the sand and what followed was the classic reunion scene – running into each other’s arms in slow motion. Gah! How is it that this never gets old! I cried as they embraced and Liam told her, “I’m home.” Too bad she now has to tell him she’s married to Wyatt. Boo. Viewers reacted to the reunion:

Looking ahead.
Cannot wait to find out what will become of Quinn and to see how Bill reacts when he finds out where Liam has been! He’ll lose it!

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– Candace Young


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