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Deconstructing B&B: Liam struggles to remember Steffy as she marries Wyatt

“The Bold and the Beautiful” for March 28 – April 1:

The week mostly surrounded Wyatt and Steffy’s quickie decision to wed and Quinn’s panic to get as far away as possible as Liam’s memory threatened to kick back in. We also saw experienced boozer, Brooke, out her sister’s secret stash. Thoughts:

Wedding planner.
Wyatt, aka Pushy McPusherson, brushed aside the revelation that his mother had been the last one to see Liam before his disappearance, and instead ran with her suggestion that he should convince Steffy to get married A.S.A.P. Considering Quinn’s track record, the video footage Charlie showed Wyatt should have set off major alarm bells. Perhaps Wyatt knew somewhere deep down inside that Quinn had manipulated the situation again, and that’s why he swore Charlie to secrecy and chose not to tell Steffy about what he’d learned. I feel for Wyatt wanting some happiness, but he goes about it all wrong and has learned absolutely nothing from past experience. As Ridge pointed out following Steffy’s wedding announcement, Wyatt also rushed Hope into marriage.

Quinn’s quirky behavior.
Quinn’s twitchy demeanor and sudden yen to move has Liam wondering what is going on with her. Add to that her constant cryptic comments about not wanting to lose him and not wanting it to end, her aversion to answering his questions about when they got married, and Liam’s snippets of memory that show a face other than Quinn’s at their wedding…and yep, she’s got trouble. As noted in the previous Deconstructing B&B, viewers are hoping that her troubles will compound in the form of one Deacon Sharpe, whom she presumes to be dead.

Katie’s downward spiral.
Despite the amazing acting, the storyline with Katie, Bill, and Brooke just has a real sense of ‘been there, done that’ hanging over it – maybe because it wasn’t all that long ago that we saw Brooke go through the exact same thing as Katie with the drinking? That said, it is always fun to watch Katie go ballistic or to see Bill in a bedroom scene, not to mention, the ‘ooh’ moment when Brooke found Katie’s secret vodka stash and narrowed her eyes knowingly. It will be interesting to see if Brooke will keep Katie’s secret out of a sense of guilt, since she feels it was her actions that sent Katie down this road.

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Beach wedding.
As Liam worked away on a composite of Steffy’s face in the remote cabin, Quinn hit the beach, thrilled for the culmination of her plan to see Wyatt end up with Steffy. Though everyone had Liam in the back of their minds, all tried to pretend as though the wedding was really and truly a wonderful thing and not at all too fast. In any case, Steffy looked beautiful, Wyatt was dapper, and the wedding went off uninterrupted. I nearly teared up when they were pronounced husband and wife, not due to the romance of it all, but because Liam was at that very moment agonizing and frantically trying to focus the zips and zaps of his memory to remember Steffy. Gah. Oh well, his memory is bound to return any minute. Can you say ‘annulment’? Viewers reacted to the wedding on Twitter:

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– Candace Young


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