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Deconstructing B&B: Biological clock talk and brewing battle at Forrester Creations

“The Bold and the Beautiful” Rant for August 24 – 28:

Ivy dug in her heels this week with the blackmail and Caroline and Ridge’s relationship issues became a talking point around the office. Thoughts:

Poison Ivy.
Ivy may have Steffy and Liam where she wants them, but getting on the wrong side of Quinn is a whole other animal. Not a good idea! Will Ivy become so full of that newfound confidence that drives Wyatt wild that she gets too big for her britches and makes an enemy of Quinn? Or will Quinn jump on the Wyatt and Ivy train? Hmm.

Or else…
Well, Liam’s big ultimatum to Ivy fell flat when she insisted that Steffy had committed ‘merdah’ and challenged him to have Steffy go to the police herself.

So sexy.
Wyatt was really turned on by the changes in Ivy, although he was still feeling a tad insecure about Liam. Not surprising given that she still yaks about him all the time. In any case, they’re a pretty hot duo. Across town, Liam and Steffy enjoyed a more cuddly and intimate type of closeness. Both couples looked forward to their respective futures presenting a united front. As mentioned in last week’s Deconstructing B&B, having the two couples face off is so much more fun, and such a nice change, from the typical love triangle or quadrangle. The only downside is that Wyatt and Ivy’s jealousy of the other two, and wanting to best them using the video, is a bit of a turn-off. Would love to see Bill sniff out this battle brewing between his sons and get involved!

Studio time.
Caroline helping Thomas design as she once helped Ridge didn’t quite lead to the same intimacy, although Moony Thomas was imagining it might. Thomas and Caroline’s playful painting time had nothing on the smoldering chemistry she shared with his father while doing the same activities. Thomas could see it when she leaped into Ridge’s arms as he was leaving. On Friday’s episode, following their candid conversation, Thomas once again was having feelings for Caroline, who seemed oblivious. Thomas might look better for Caroline on paper, but she and Ridge are just so sexy and combustible together!

It’s lonely at the top.
Ridge is in the dark about Ivy blackmailing Steffy, as well as everyone discussing his relationship with Caroline behind his back. Brooke brought the biological clock issue to his attention, and though he squirmed, he admitted he could see Caroline wasn’t okay with his stance on the matter. The scene ended with him telling Brooke he would put Caroline’s happiness first, which could mean he will give her a child or that he will break up with her so that she can find someone who will give her a family. Hmm.

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Photo credit: Sean Smith/JPI

– Candace Young


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