Deconstructing B&B: Deacon takes the fall in Quinn’s murderous scheme

“The Bold and the Beautiful” for March 14 - 16:


The short week of “B&B” ended with a cliffhanger with a twist. Wow! Thoughts:

Life swap.
In a move that completed his ‘takeover’ of his brother’s life, Wyatt accepted Bill’s offer of a position at Spencer Publications. Hilariously, just as I noticed that Wyatt looked like a used car salesman next to his father, Bill remarked that Wyatt might want to borrow a couple of Liam’s suits. Too funny! Wyatt later protested when Bill pointed out he had a pattern of hooking up with Liam’s women. Wyatt told him the big difference in his relationship with Steffy was that Quinn hadn’t manipulated it. If he only knew… Wyatt is definitely poised to lose everything.

Loving Liam.
Steffy discussed Liam with yet more people this week as her concern for him grew. Ivy, Hope, Thomas… Everyone can see that Steffy is still in love with Liam…like literally everyone except Wyatt, who has the biggest set of blinders on. He should be pushing for a wedding any day now, so it will be interesting to see what will happen with that.

Murderous plot twist.
As noted in the previous Deconstructing B&B, viewers were ready for something to happen in the Liam and Quinn situation – maybe not murder – but something, as it had dragged on past a believable point. Quinn decided that Wyatt’s happiness was more important than Liam’s life, so she cooked up a plan that would result in his ‘accidental’ death, and convinced Deacon, who put up a valiant effort not to get sucked in, to help. It’s impossible to know if Quinn changed her mind at the last minute, or planned to turn the tables on Deacon all along, but when, er, push came to shove, it was Deacon who took the fall over the cliff, and not her beloved ‘Adam’. That left us wondering how much longer Quinn will keep up this Liam love affair, how much longer Liam’s amnesia will last, and how long until Deacon reappears, alive and well, to mess with Quinn? Viewers hope this will happen:

Please note the blog is up early as “B&B” is pre-empted the remainder of the week for March Madness basketball coverage on CBS.

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– Candace Young


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