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Deconstructing B&B: Concussions, heart stress, and pathological conquests

“The Bold and the Beautiful” for January 25 - 29:

The Quinn and Liam stuff was fun, the Brooke and Katie clashes brought the drama, but the Wyatt/Steffy situation wasn’t exactly captivating. Thoughts:

I owe you.
As noted in the previous Deconstructing B&B, Quinn had the opportunity of a lifetime fall into her hands when Liam passed out in front of her, and it only got better as he woke up with amnesia and had no recollection that he was supposed to have met Steffy…or that he and Quinn are enemies. It was naughty of Quinn to manipulate by sending Steffy dumping texts from Liam’s phone, but we wouldn’t expect anything less from her, and the upshot is that it’s been so much fun watching Liam gush about Quinn being his beautiful guardian angel…and wondering how far the writers will take it! Fans on Twitter mused about where things should go:

Chump change.
The forced rebound pairing of Steffy and Wyatt doesn’t work and not just because it makes no sense for Wyatt to go after another woman who loves Liam. Wyatt has been everybody’s chump at this point…so much so that it’s impossible to see him as anything else. His whole ‘trying too hard thing’ just isn’t attractive (who buys someone a motorcycle?!), and hitting on Steffy five seconds after Liam didn’t show up is super unappealing as well. Not only that, but anyone who has ever been dumped knows that Steffy wouldn’t be up for anything other than crying into a tub of ice cream, let alone playing in the surf and kissing someone else, so it’s just unbelievable.

Dollar Bill drama.
Katie’s meltdown after hearing Brooke tell Bill he was the love of her life (please…what about Ridge?) was epic, and to see her finally get angry and physically grab a hold of Brooke and shake her was kind of satisfying…yet I kept waiting for the other shoe to drop since Brooke wasn’t the only guilty party. Bill started fantasizing about Brooke from the minute she admitted her feelings weren’t gone, and he confessed to her that he still carried a torch for her as well…only Katie doesn’t know that part and he hasn’t come clean. Back at Brooke’s, Eric, knowing full well how soap opera fall-outs work, reassured Brooke that she would get back into her sister’s good graces, just as he had managed to with Stephanie time and again. Hehe. Unfortunately for Brooke, Katie is really most sincerely pissed, and not only smacked her across the face, but banned her from their lives and informed her that her pathological need to conquer every man was sick. Katie didn’t even crack when Brooke turned on the waterworks. She means business!

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– Candace Young


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