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Deconstructing B&B: Manipulations may lead to the end of more than one relationship

“The Bold and the Beautiful” for January 18 - 22:

The “B&B” focus seems to be turning back on triangles with Bill/Brooke/Katie, Nicole/Zende/Sasha, and Wyatt/Steffy/Liam (with a little dose of crazy Quinn). Thoughts:

On the job.
The Bill/Brooke/Katie stuff was more of the same; finding reasons to put Brooke in front of Bill, and him indulging in fantasies about her…until Bill came clean with Brooke about how he’s been feeling. As mentioned in the previous Deconstructing B&B, it’s only a matter of time before this blows up!

Off the job.
While Zende confided his frustration with the surrogate pregnancy to Carter, who opined that it was too much unnecessary drama for a young guy, Nicole may have hurried along the deterioration of their relationship by showing her insecurities and putting the kibosh on Sasha working at Forrester. Sasha, who inexplicably ran to Julius and then Zende, rather than confront Nicole herself, eventually received an apology, and Zende was understanding toward Nic, but yeah, this is like watching a train wreck in slow motion. Zende’s going to fall for Sasha who is fun and free and unencumbered by pregnancy, Julius is going to blame Sasha for Nicole’s heartbreak, and she will expose the truth about their relationship. Then things will really get interesting. I want to see Vivienne deal with Julius’ cheating butt!

Offscreen break-up.
Quinn’s admission to Wyatt that she split with Deacon offscreen did not go over well with viewers. It can’t be all Spencer and Forrester men – variety is the spice of life! Fans reacted on Twitter:

Off the charts frustrating.
Liam arguing with Steffy about her sleeping with Wyatt, when she had no idea that’s what he was talking about was hugely frustrating! It was maddening that he wouldn’t just come out and say what he saw so she could clear it up. This wasn’t miscommunication, it was non-communication. Argh!

On the spot.
Quinn had the opportunity of a lifetime fall into her lap when Liam passed out on the pavement at her feet. Quinn made the most of it by dragging him into his car, driving him to a remote cabin she apparently owns, and then set out to manipulate the Wyatt/Steffy/Liam situation to play out in Wyatt’s favor. We’d expect nothing less from Quinn, and at least she was trying to look out for Liam’s health in between calls and messages. What happened next was unbelievable though – Liam woke up, kissed Quinn’s hand and held it in his. Ha! The look on her face was priceless! If they actually go there (after all he is is Spencer man) it might be worth the aforementioned frustration.

Back in Malibu, Wyatt was on the spot to comfort Steffy when Liam didn’t show up. Eck. Why does he still want to be that guy? And why, after all of his mother’s machinations, would he not question her when she said Liam wasn’t capable of stepping up for Steffy right now? Also irritating, why would Steffy be up for surfing and kissing another guy five seconds after Liam didn’t show up at the house? This just didn’t work, it was too fast and too forced.

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Photo credit: Sean Smith/JPI

– Candace Young


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