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Deconstructing B&B: Conflict and crazy occurrences test Liam and Steffy’s relationship

“The Bold and the Beautiful” for January 4 - 8:

The week kicked off with Liam choosing the fateful words ‘I’m done’ to end his frustrated rant at Steffy as he accompanied Ivy to the hospital, which planted the seed of doubt about their relationship later. In other news, the Avants returned from Hawaii and a few new twists emerged. Thoughts:

Pushing the envelope.
From Quinn being in Ivy’s hospital room urging Wyatt to ‘go get’ his brother’s fiancée, to Liam ‘accidentally’ flying to Australia, the Ivy/Wyatt/Liam/Steffy storyline hit new heights of ridiculousness. While Quinn’s extreme inappropriateness could maybe be expected, given that she’s, well, Quinn, the idea that she would want Wyatt to have Liam’s woman yet again, seems to defy her claims that she wants her son to be happy. Why would Wyatt even entertain the idea, which would put him right into the same boat for a third time – dating a woman who is in love with his brother. Yeesh. But things really got silly when Liam decided he needed to help Ivy to the airport. First, Liam didn’t call Steffy on the way to the airport and tell her what he was doing like any normal person would. While we can deal with that, he then bought Ivy two seats on the plane. Two. Who does this? Even if we buy the explanation for that, there is no way he would accompany a grown woman onto a plane to make sure she gets seated. Please! This was followed by Liam’s mishap in the restroom, in which he was knocked out cold, yet no one heard him clunk against the door or hit the floor, and the flight crew did not notice the occupied sign was lit. Eep! Liam was unconscious long enough for them to take off and get to their cruising altitude of 35,000 feet, yet he didn’t appear to suffer any ill effects after the fact. For some reason he couldn’t call Steffy during the flight either and had to let her think he had avoided her and their home all night. Oy. When he did finally call, she naturally jumped to the wrong conclusion and hung up, after just telling Wyatt minutes before how she believed in Liam completely and wouldn’t give up on them. Gah! Viewers on Twitter seemed to agree it was all pretty far-fetched:

As for Ivy returning to Australia, as mentioned in the previous Deconstructing B&B, her antics had seriously compromised her integrity, so hopefully she’ll stay there for a while and find herself.

Commiseration station.
Not surprisingly, Wyatt trucked his hard-luck butt over to Steffy’s when Liam was a no-show. It all seemed well-intentioned enough until Steffy decided that Liam must have run off with Ivy. Maybe it was the wine, but Wyatt somehow got it into his head that it would be a good idea to go into Steffy’s bedroom, strip off, and basically proposition her. I had the creeps from the minute he began staring at the closed bedroom door, and it only got worse from there. Wyatt can be such a cutie, but not only was his timing utterly wrong, (Steffy was lying there dreaming about Liam), but it just felt icky. Wyatt’s idea of a good time must be banging his head against a brick wall, because given all the belly-aching he does about playing second fiddle to his brother it seems pretty self-defeating to proposition a woman he knows is in love with him. He sure doesn’t learn! Anyway, here’s hoping Steffy orders him right out of the house.

Power couple?
Ridge has hardly been seen in weeks, and Rick took advantage by hanging out in his office. In another twist, and scenes that were a bit of a throwback, Rick announced he coveted the CEO chair again, and Maya purred that his ambition was sexy.

Saucy Sasha.
While it’s fun to see Julius squirm, listening to Sasha, who we barely know, plead for his attention is a bit headache-inducing. Just when viewers might have begun to feel some sympathy for her situation, she threw herself at Zende again. Ugh. It was all sorts of uncomfortable when she invited him to ‘use’ her…as a model. In a new twist, Zende yearns to be a fashion photographer and take over the position that Oliver apparently vacated. Boo for Oliver’s exit. Given the interest that Maya and Rick showed in Zende’s impromptu shoot with Sasha, it’s a good bet Zende will get his way. While Nicole might be proud of her man, it could be bad news for their relationship if Nicole is unable to model and Sasha takes over.

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– Candace Young


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