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Deconstructing B&B: Wyatt and Katie’s proposals were destined to blow up in their faces

“The Bold and the Beautiful” for December 28 - 30:

This week was about two big ideas that were bound to be disasters – Wyatt proposing to Ivy, and Katie inviting a lonesome Brooke to work alongside Bill. Yike! Thoughts:

Crossing the line.
As mentioned in the previous Deconstructing B&B, a lonely Brooke is a dangerous Brooke. It proved to be true after Katie cooked up the idea to have her sister come to work at Spencer Publications. While Bill ran over to Brooke’s to get to the bottom of her reluctance to come on board, Katie held a conversation with Eric in which she blithely told him they were past all that Bill and Brooke affair stuff, and pooh-poohed the mythical idea that one kiss from Brooke Logan could lead to trouble. As they spoke, Brooke was tearfully laying a kiss on Bill as she reminisced about what they’d once meant to each other and implied that if they were to work together it would amount to nothing short of torture…or lead to another affair. Anyway, it would appear the writing is on the wall and Brooke, having got the ball rolling with a liplock, will most likely help herself to her sister’s husband again. Reactions to the idea of a Katie/Bill/Brooke do-over were mixed on Twitter:

Crossing the line part two.
Ivy having her head turned by the suave and charming Thomas was one thing, but reverting to being madly in love with Liam and running around behind Wyatt’s back yet again, proved to be more than most viewers were willing to abide. Of course, Mama Quinn called Ivy onto the carpet about her duplicitous behavior in a most timely manner – just after Wyatt proposed. Ivy still wasn’t willing to be honest, as she later admitted she was hoping to squeak out an engagement to her second choice without him ever knowing she had professed her love to his brother mere hours beforehand. Ack. Liam was the one to confirm Quinn’s accusations – awkward – and Ivy was told in no uncertain terms by Wyatt to vacate his premises. Steffy and Quinn assured Wyatt, who has heard it all before, that he deserves better, while Liam found himself cornered once again by Ivy, who played out the old ‘I’m leaving town’ card to get him to admit that he still cares about her. Steffy overheard and, well, it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out that there will be another confrontation.

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– Candace Young


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