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Deconstructing B&B: Eric won’t leave Brooke singing the Christmas blues

“The Bold and the Beautiful” for December 21 - 23:

Ivy and Sasha continued to push their agendas this week, and the history of Katie/Bill/Brooke reared its head. The Christmas gathering at the Forrester mansion will no doubt be smaller than usual, but heartwarming nonetheless. Thoughts:

Blue Hawaii.
Julius’ enjoyment of the news about spending the holiday in Hawaii was seriously curtailed by Sasha’s demands. A bit of karma perhaps? It was tempting to feel bad for Sasha when she teared up about Julius ignoring her and lavishing his attention on Nicole, but considering she appeared to be making a play for Zende, who is her best friend/half-sister’s man, the temptation passed. As for Nicole and Zende’s troubles, it was sweet that they patched things up, but I don’t feel very invested given that the writing is so clearly on the wall here.

Another chance.
As mentioned in the previous Deconstructing B&B, Ivy continued to shake things up, this time by telling Liam she had realized she’s still in love with him. She’s a very difficult character to relate to now, given that she’s all over the map about who she is and what/who she wants. Ivy was the one that could be counted on to be straightforward, honest and respectful, yet now she’s proven to be sort of manipulative and sneaky. It was sad to see Wyatt at the door as she told Liam she wanted a life with him. I was unclear on whether Wyatt actually heard her or just decided to ignore it when he later told Liam he planned to propose. Either way, ugh. Is it Wyatt’s lot in life to always be the consolation prize? Liam seemed suitably uncomfortable with Ivy’s advances, but stopped short of telling her in no uncertain terms to back up the truck. I’m not up for a redo of that boring couple, so here’s hoping Liam and Steffy tie the knot as planned and Wyatt finds out Ivy’s too fickle to settle and actually meets someone who loves him the best. “B&B” viewers on Twitter weighed in about whether Ivy was naughty or nice:

Lonely Brooke.
As Brooke drifted through her living room in a lonely daze, placing ornaments on the tree after learning that Rick would be away for Christmas, Katie and Bill were across town discussing her. They touched on the scandalous past they had moved beyond, and yet there was still a nod to the connection Bill and Brooke had shared when he knew exactly what to give her for a Christmas gift (the charitable donation in memory of Stephanie), when Katie was at a loss. Hmm. Is this foreshadowing that they will be ‘going there’ again? We all know a lonely Brooke is a dangerous Brooke, so anything is possible. As much as Bill and Brooke shared some great chemistry, I hope not. It’s just too unappealing insofar as the sisterly relationship is concerned.

Christmas at the Forrester mansion.
Stephanie’s portrait will be back in its rightful place and Eric will be at the piano. All indications are that Eric will convince Brooke to join the gathering, and a heartwarming celebration will be had!

All the best for a safe and happy holiday to our readers!

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– Candace Young


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