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Deconstructing B&B: Ivy and Sasha shake things up

“The Bold and the Beautiful” for December 14 - 18:

Soap storylines tend to get over-the-top sometimes, but if you prefer more realism, the Ivy/Steffy stuff has been pretty silly. Sasha, meanwhile, made things interesting with the Avant family, as she battled with Julius and flirted with Zende. Thoughts:

As predicted in the previous Deconstructing B&B, Zende’s issues with Nicole’s pregnancy have caused a problem in the relationship. And because this is a soap opera, their troubles manifested just as Nicole’s sexy childhood friend Sasha showed up in town. Something told me that as much as everyone had gone on about Nicole and Sasha being as close as sisters, Sasha would have no qualms about helping herself to Nicole’s man. This proved itself to be true as she opted to comfort Zende rather than Nicole after they parted ways upset. If Sasha takes Nicole’s man, I can only imagine what Julius, who is working overtime to drive Sasha out of town as it is, will have to say! Can’t wait to find out what they’re hiding… Anyway, poor Nicole!

That girl is a mess!
Best line of the week came from Liam, who, after Wyatt claimed Ivy was genuinely terrified of Steffy, asked if they were in the Twilight Zone. He said what many were thinking – Ivy fearlessly went to confront Steffy and not only got up in her face but was the one who got physical first, so the restraining order seemed like an over-reaction. The situation turned ridiculous when Steffy showed up at the beach house despite the restraining order (ack) prompting a melodramatic reaction from Ivy. Notably, even after she fell and hit her head, Ivy still made a beeline over to Forrester Creations for yet another confrontation with Steffy, rather than let Lt. Baker handle it on his own. Later, Liam went to Ivy to try and negotiate peace for everyone’s sake, and she initiated a conversation about the two of them. Would she really make a play for Wyatt’s brother after she just finished pleading with him to forgive her for dallying with Thomas? Yes she would! Not only that, but she agreed readily to drop the restraining order at Liam’s request – so how scared of Steffy was she really? And will she renege on her pledge to drop the restraining order if Liam doesn’t agree to give them another chance? Hmm. went to Twitter to ask “B&B” viewers if they thought Ivy’s fear was legit or ridiculous:

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– Candace Young


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