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Deconstructing B&B: Ivy’s electrical shock triggers confrontations galore

“The Bold and the Beautiful” for December 7 - 11:

It was all about face-to-face confrontations and assigning blame on “B&B” this week. Thoughts:

Electrocution aftermath.
In the wake of Ivy nearly frying to death, there was some pretty comical stuff happening. For instance, the doctor asked Thomas, Liam, Wyatt, and Steffy if they were immediate family – they weren’t – yet he kept reporting back to them with all Ivy’s medical updates and let them all in to see her. Haha! Over at Forrester Creations, doddering Eric assumed that Steffy saved Ivy’s life, oblivious to the chatter about an argument and about a possible scandal involving Ivy cheating on Wyatt.

Blame game.
Wyatt found a way to make his nemesis, Thomas, responsible for Ivy nearly dying, by claiming he set the whole chain of events in motion. There’s a certain logic to it I suppose. In any case, Thomas later returned to Forrester and managed to out himself as the ‘other man’ that Caroline had been dishing about, which led to him getting a skewering from his father. Ridge laid into him about going after a woman whether she liked it or not – this turned into an intense argument given the parallels with what happened between Caroline and Thomas. Ridge very nearly revealed what he knew! Yike!

Up and down like a toilet seat.
Liam is down to one woman, but still managed to flip-flop…within the relationship. He seemed set to break things off with Steffy due to their ‘fundamental differences’, but the minute she offered to move out he completely changed his tune and was all but begging her to stay. He told her he always had her back, let’s hope he proves it.

Through the wringer again.
As mentioned in the previous Deconstructing B&B, most didn’t ‘get’ Steffy’s motivation for involving herself in Wyatt and Ivy’s business to such a degree in the first place, and now as a result we’re being subjected to a replay of the situation with Aly. It just makes one roll the eyes – Steffy wasn’t guilty of anything other than being a busybody, yet Ivy, who confronted Steffy, got physical, and threw Steffy’s phone under the electrical panel, is now crying scared and telling everyone that Steffy is dangerous and tried hurt her on purpose – just like she ‘murdahed’ Aly. Triple yuck! Regarding the restraining order and Steffy not being allowed at her own company…perhaps the solution is for her to have Ridge or Liam terminate Ivy. Hmm.

Trouble ahead?
Zende and Nicole keep having conversations that are a variation on the same theme – he admires what she’s doing for Rick and Maya, but isn’t a fan of the pregnancy coming between them. There are cracks showing and it probably isn’t going to take much for this fledgling relationship to be fully on the rocks. Fans on Twitter weighed in:

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– Candace Young


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