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Deconstructing B&B: Nicole’s positive test result opens the door for big family drama

“The Bold and the Beautiful” for November 9 - 13:

Tension was the name of the game on “B&B” this week as some awaited pregnancy test results, Thomas continued to irk the Spencers and his own father, and Detective Liam was on Caroline’s case. Thoughts:

Crossing boundaries.
Between Caroline and Ridge’s ultrasound, and Ivy and Wyatt’s relationship, Thomas was really making a habit of sticking his nose in where it wasn’t wanted. However, Ivy doesn’t seem as upset as Wyatt is about Thomas flirting with her, and as mentioned in last week’s Deconstructing B&B, Wyatt may play right into Thomas’ hands by putting his insecurities on display.

The Spencer/Forrester rivalry continued to take shape as Liam went to Ridge grousing about Thomas’ behavior toward him and Wyatt. As Ridge is currently so anti-Thomas, his son may find he’s fighting the Spencers alone.

Babbling Brooke.
Who didn’t love Brooke’s total tell-all to Liam about Ridge’s vasectomy? Especially how she prefaced it by saying, “I’m not supposed to say anything, but…” Hehe. Anyway, the story set Liam to thinking…and to grilling Caroline. Steffy assumes the tension is residual from Thomas punching Ridge and tried to broker peace, but how long before she also becomes suspicious that there’s more to it as well? In any case, many think it’s a stretch that Liam would put the pieces together and feel he is just being nosy.

After Liam pressed Caroline to tell him what was ‘going on’, Caroline reported back to Ridge and warned him to chill out around Thomas. Ridge reassured her that they would keep their secret and “Thomas will never know.” Except Thomas was at the door as he said it. Did Thomas hear? Hmm…

I hope it fails.
The Avants were kind of boring this week as everyone kept repeating the same lines over and over up to the day of the pregnancy test reveal. Something bothersome is how Rick continues to seem like an afterthought in this storyline, just beaming benignly at Maya’s side as everything happens. That said, the different opinions of the various family members, and the fact that Nicole and Zende seemed torn at times, made for some nice tension on Friday leading up to the reveal that Nicole was pregnant. It will be interesting to see how fast they have the pregnancy progress and what issues will arise. You know there will be drama!

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– Candace Young


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