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Deconstructing B&B: Spencers versus Forresters; tension builds between rival families

“The Bold and the Beautiful” for November 2 - 6:

The surrogacy story peaked as Nicole made her decision, and the triangle and family rivalry story began to pick up steam. Thoughts:

Ruin your life.
As mentioned in last week’s Deconstructing B&B, there’s no denying the entertainment value of Julius Avant blurting out his sometimes inappropriate opinions. There was more of that this week when he and Vivienne met with Brooke and Eric on the surrogacy matter. This left me feeling like Brooke and Eric were the flakiest parents ever. Good ol’ Eric was more concerned about how to get Brooke back into the mansion and into his bed. Too funny! Julius and Vivienne raced to the clinic to try and stop Nicole from making the mistake of a lifetime, but alas, her mind was made up. She went ahead with the surrogacy, thereby guaranteeing much more drama down the road. This storyline has had good scenes, comic relief, and controversy to get people talking, but most viewers are pretty much ready to move on. As for opinion on whether Nicole should or shouldn’t have gone through with it, many agreed with Julius that Maya was selfish to ask Nicole to carry the baby when they could have just asked her to donate her eggs. Others disagreed with the parents getting involved at all:

The Spencers are in the building.
While a shirtless Bill opined about the Forresters from his bedroom, Thomas was trashing the Spencer name in the boardroom. With Wyatt and Thomas set to clash over Ivy, Liam and Wyatt working at Forrester Creations, and Caroline, a Spencer, set to have a Forrester baby, everything is falling into place for an epic conflict between the two families. The only thing that would make this better is if Bill would open a competing fashion house. It would be great to see more of Bill, period.

Triangle trouble.
The only thing Thomas has over Wyatt right now is that he oozes confidence – that’s hot. Wyatt’s whining – not hot. Wyatt may dig his own grave and give Thomas the upper hand by acting insecure about his relationship with Ivy. On the whole, this is shaping up to be fun – especially with Quinn, Steffy, and Liam getting involved – the expressions on Steffy’s face when Thomas was flirting with Ivy were hilarious. Let’s just hope it doesn’t drag on for years like other dreaded triangles we won’t mention!

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– Candace Young


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