Howard Wise/JPI
Tuesday, November 1st, 2016
Howard Wise/JPI

Ridge vowed to his son RJ that he would put their family back together in the wake of Brooke’s wedding to Bill being called off, so it’s no surprise that there has been speculation that Brooke will start to have feelings for Ridge again. Dollar Bill Spencer isn’t one to back down, so rumors of a renewed love triangle playing out between Bill, Ridge, and Brooke may also prove to be true.

With Quinn and Wyatt set to take over the running of Forrester Creations while Eric recuperates from his brain aneurysm, there has been chatter about the possibility of an upcoming fashion show. It would be amazing if it were true, as the fashion shows are always a hit with fans, but aside from jewelry, what do Quinn and Wyatt know about designing couture? Perhaps some members of the Forrester family will agree to work with them?

Wyatt’s not only going to be focused on work, as, like his father Bill, he has no plans to roll over and let Steffy go off with his brother Liam without fighting to keep her. Rumors are swirling that he may just find a surprising way to get his wife back.

Nicole’s quick agreement to act as a surrogate again for Maya and Rick spurred immediate speculation that all may not go as smoothly this time around. Could Nicole find she is unable to go through with the second surrogacy, due to a problem the fertility specialist reveals? If that’s the case, and Zende wants to reconcile, Nicole may not be willing, especially since all signs point to her being very upset about Zende spending time with her sister Sasha again.

It’s not long until Thanksgiving will come to L.A., and rumors are already in the air that the annual Forrester family gathering will feature open disputes. We already know from sneak peeks of the B&B Thanksgiving set that there will be characters we didn’t expect to see mingling in attendance!


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