Stephanie and Eric sit at home and read the paper. Stephanie once again thanks Eric for selling the company, and then tells him she wished he had waited until she talked to Nick before he sold their life's work. Stephanie tells him "Your heart was in the right place, but you should have fought. Why didn't you fight? You can't let people control you! Eric responds, Except for you, right? Angry, Eric leaves just as Taylor comes in.

Outside, Eric receives a call from Ridge. Ridge wants Eric to come by and discuss some business ideas. Eric tells him that he doesn't feel like it today, and tells Ridge he is having problems with Stephanie.

Ridge hangs up the phone from his conversation with Eric, and tells Brooke about it, commenting that Stephanie should have lain off Eric, for at least today. Changing the subject Brooke tells Ridge she has an idea for a new company, she starts to tell him about a fake idea while undressing and eventually getting on the bed with Ridge.

After the two make love, Ridge describes the event as an out of body experience. Ridge and Brooke's conversation once again goes to Stephanie and Eric. Ridge tells Brooke he doesn't think Stephanie knows how to control herself, but if she doesn't she is going to lose Eric for good.

Taylor and Stephanie go to Taylor's office for a session. Taylor once again brings up Stephanie's childhood telling her it seems like a sore point for her. Stephanie tells Taylor, Things were different then. Things were black and white. Right or wrong. Taylor responds by asking Stephanie if she ever did anything wrong.

Taylor asks Stephanie to tell her about one of the things she did wrong growing up. Stephanie avoids the question, but instead tells Taylor about boating with her father on Lake Geneva. Stephanie tells her that she has fond memories of getting to light her father's pipe when she was good. She again comments to Taylor that she loves the smell of his tobacco. After Stephanie finishes the story, Taylor asks her to tell her about her mother, She died too right?

Stephanie avoids Taylor's questions about her mother. Instead, Taylor questions Stephanie's depiction of her childhood. If my father said jump, you jumped! His home was his castle! Taylor asks Stephanie what her father would do if she didn't stay in line. Stephanie doesn't answer, but drifts off to a memory of her as a child playing pool with her father. In the memory she accidentally rips the table on the pool table and her father takes off his belt and beats her. When Stephanie comes back into reality she asks Taylor, How could he do that? Hit a little child. How could he hit his own child?

Eric goes to visit Jackie. He tells her that Stephanie blames him for losing the company. Eric tells her that Stephanie has stared seeing Taylor, and Jackie remarks that she doesn't even think Taylor can help Stephanie. Eric tells her that he shouldn't have come there, and Jackie assures him she is happy to talk to him. Eric tells Jackie, Stephanie has this anger inside of her, and until she can deal with that she will always have problems!