At Forrester, Brooke talks to Nick away from the table where the Forresters sit prepared to sign over the company. Brooke tells Nick You can't take the company it's a part of who they are. Nick tells her that he can't ignore that Stephanie tried to kill his mother.

When nick returns to the table he tells them if they won't sell he's going to the DA. Eric stops him and Eric tells the room This is about family, this is about your mother.We're selling Nick the business, under one condition he removes the no compete clause! Nick agrees with Storm's approval and Eric signs the paperwork giving Nick the company.

As Ridge signs over his shares he tells Nick Without the people in this room you'll never be able to run it! All of the other family members sign over their shares of Forrester, Ridge telling him You'll regret this Nick, you've declared war on the wrong people! Eric tells him he is going to run the company into the ground.

Nick leaves, and the family gathers around Eric embracing him. Brooke notices a contract on the table and picks it up leaving the room. Ridge tells Eric We haven't lost Forrester Creations, we are Forrester Creations!

A Jackie's, Jackie tells Stephanie that she is getting what she deserves for her bullying. As they begin to fight Donna comes in and yells Don't you touch her! Stephanie confronts Donna about lying to nick, and then leaves yelling you'll never get my company, Never!

Brooke goes into Nick's office and asks him What happened to the man I love? If you don't give the company back to the Forrester's, you'll force me to give up mine. Brooke signs one of the contracts in front of Nick and hands it to him If you want Forrester Creations so bad, then take it all! Nick gets upset with Brooke and tells her she can't sell out to him. As she leaves Brooke tells Nick she doesn't want him around the children, and If we ever had a chance, we certainly don't now. I don't want to be a part of this, not now, not ever!

At the hospital Bridget walks into a hospital room to see a patient and finds Shane. Shane tells her that he doesn't want to hurt her, but he needs her help. Bridget patches Shane's head, he asks her to tell Phoebe that he never would have hurt Phoebe and that she was an angel, the best thing that ever happened to me. Bridget's pager goes off and she turns to check it, when she turns back around Shane is gone.

Brooke comes back into the office and tells the Forrester's she sold Nick her shares of the company. Eric tells her she didn't have t do that and she tell him Yes Eric, I did! the two embrace, tearful that they have lost the company that means so much to them.

Stephanie comes into Forrester and tells Eric she wants to countersuit the Marone's immediately. Eric tells her that he and the children got together and decided to sell the company to Nick; Stephanie responds You sold our company, are you crazy?!

Nick comes home and tells Donna that Brooke sold her shares of the company to him as well. I did it, Forrester Creations is mine. It doesn't feel the way I thought it would

Brooke comes into Ridge's office where he is packing up his things. Brooke tells Ridge that today she realized 'I am a Forrester, and this is where I belong! Here, with you Brooke tells Ridge she wants them to be together, to raise their kids together, she wants a life with him. She tells Ridge You are unforgettable, forever! The two kiss

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