Nick comes home as Jackie is working on her physical therapy. Jackie stands up and has some head pain, Nick asks the nurse to get his mother's pills and she tells him that she isn't due for her pills for another few hours, if he wants to change her dosing he will have to talk to her doctor. The nurse leaves the room, and Nick tells his mother that he has a meeting scheduled with the Forrester's today, and Forrester will soon be theirs!

At Forrester, the Forrester family meets without Stephanie. Felicia tells Bridget she is sorry she lost that baby. Rick tells Thorne he is surprised it was Taylor that hit Darla. Thorne tells him that it's all behind him, and makes an announcement to the room letting everyone know he and Taylor are engaged.Ridge embraces him telling him 'I'm happy for you brother!" the rest of the family congratulates him on the good news.

Eric has the entire family sit down and shows them forms giving over their shares of the company, a no compete clause, and resignation papers. Eric tells them he was up all night with the lawyers but sees no way out of this situation, he tells them 'I'm asking you today to make the biggest decision you've ever made regarding this family, and this business.

We're considering giving Nick the company? Rick asks the room. The rest of the family fills Rick in on the situation with Stephanie and Jackie, and Eric asks the room Are we willing to resign, and give Nick the company?

Nick arrives at Marone, to find Brooke waiting in his office. He tells her that he has a meeting with the Forrester's today and I'll either walk out of there with half their company, or Stephanie's head on a platter. Brooke tells him he is being very harsh. Brooke tells him she can't be involved in him taking over the company "There is no company without the Forresters. This is revenge plain and simple, and I don't want to be a part of it Nick tells her Stephanie will be held accountable, and Brooke tells him This isn't about Stephanie, it's about us! Nick tells her I can finally protect you, and Brooke tells him I don't need protectionthe only thing I'm afraid of is you! She asks him to please not do this, he starts to respond and Storm comes in. Brooke tells Storm she's upset he's involved in this, and he tells her "Nick and his mother have a serious claim."

Stephanie stops by Nick's house and finds Jackie lying on the couch. Jackie tells her that they have offered a very fair price for her company. "Don't paint yourself as a victim, Jackie tells Stephanie. Stephanie tells her The company is my life, it's my children's lives," she tells her that Jackie was trespassing in her house, and it's her own fault she was hurt. Stephanie promises Jackie that they will go to trial, and encourages her to call Nick and get him to change his mind.

Stephanie tells Jackie, If you continue this, you're going to lose all the credibility you've worked to build up all these yearsblackmail does not make friends, and it does not positively influence people. Jackie tells her I don't care about you, all I care about is seeing you behind bars!

Back at Forrester the family discusses the no-compete clause of the contract, which would prevent them from running a fashion house for 10 years. They argue and Ridge yells out I'm not going to sign this crap, I say don't sell! as Nick, Brooke, and Storm enter the room. Nick tells them I want an answer now! Ridge responds, Go to hell!

When Nick asks the room if Ridge speaks for everyone, Felicia tells him Even if mom gets indicted she could still get off! Eric tells them they have no choice and moves to sign the documents. Brooke tells him to wait, and takes Nick to the side, begging him to stop Don't take their company away from them!