After Brooke fails to dunk Taylor one more time in the pond, Taylor laughs and runs off because she has a company to run.

In the FC building, Pam sneaks up on Donna and revels in telling her she's, "Baaaccckk!" Pam offers her a lemon bar, but Donna says she doesn't eat those things. Pam thinks she's been eating something because she's 'porking up'.

In Eric's office, the family toasts to getting the company back. Taylor walks in soaking wet and tells everyone that Brooke jumped her and pushed her in the pond. Rick shows everyone he took down Bill's portrait and Marcus offers Eric a pen to deface it. Jarrett walks in, gets filled in on what they are doing and tells them to carry on, which Eric and Ridge happily do.

A drenched Brooke comes into Ridge's office and Donna wonders what happened to her. Brooke explains and laments that everything is turned upside down. Brooke dries off as the sisters discuss the new dynamics at FC and how Steffy got Bill to sell them the company back.

Brooke and Donna go to Eric's office and hear them all toasting Steffy. Brooke thinks it's time to do something about this and tells Ridge she needs to talk to him outside. As Steffy worries her father will find out what she's done, and Hope eavesdrops, Brooke tells Ridge it's time he hear the truth about his daughter.

Agnes is rushed to the hospital after her fall and Dr. Caspary comes in to examine her. Nick and Bridget stay by her side and Bridget prays the baby will be okay. Dr. Caspary sadly confirms that the baby is gone and Bridget and Sandy both break down in tears. Bridget can't be in there and runs out of the room as Agnes apologizes to Nick. Nick leaves to find Bridget and once alone, Agnes talks to the baby, thinking its soul just wasn't ready for this world. She says she's sorry and asks for forgiveness.

Out in the hall, Bridget can't believe they've lost another baby. Nick tries to comfort her, but Bridget doesn’t know if she can get through this one. She feels like something bad always happens and wonders if it's her fault for making Agnes take the pills. Nick doesn't want her to blame herself saying it's not her fault. Bridget agrees and blames him and Agnes for deceiving her. Nick thinks maybe they just weren't meant to have a baby together, but Bridget, as much as she loves him, thinks maybe they weren't meant to be together at all. She runs off, as Nick calls after her, which Agnes hears.

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