At Jackie M, Jackie tells Owen Nick invited Aggie over to dinner to help ease the tension. Owen wonders how Bridget feels about that, or even if she knows. Jackie can't understand how Bridget can't get past what Agnes has done, but Owen understands where Bridget is coming from. Owen would feel just as betrayed if he wanted a child as badly as Bridget does and was deceived like that. Jackie notes Owen's desire to have a baby and a family hasn't gone away. Owen tells her she is his family, but he does still think about it.

Bridget comes home to Nick who tells her someone is joining them for dinner. Before he can tell her who it is, Agnes rings the doorbell. Bridget opens the door and is furious Agnes is their dinner guest. Nick tries to reason with his wife, but Bridget doesn't want to sit down and calmly discuss things. Nick knows this is about his past betrayals, not Agnes, but Bridget corrects him by saying she's dealt with her feelings about the past. Nick thinks she can deal with this as well because she is the kindest person he knows. He wants to face it all - here and now. Sandy tries to make nice, but Bridget says she hates her lies and she has tainted a time that should have been beautiful for her and Nick. Nick gets a call and leaves the room to handle some business. Bridget heads upstairs and Sandy follows wanting her to hear her out, but Bridget doesn't want to listen. After Bridget walks away from the landing, Sandy gets dizzy and falls down the stairs. Bridget comes back out and sees Sandy on the floor, as Nick walks back inside. They both rush to her side.

Still in the Forrester Creations office, Ridge, Brooke, Hope, Taylor and Steffy continue to debate the issue of Taylor being part owner. Taylor intends to be a supportive partner to Ridge, Eric and Stephanie. She says she loves and respects Ridge and she won't apologize for it. She looks at Brooke and says, "To anyone." Taylor won't change her mind and leaves. Brooke runs after her saying they aren't finished yet. After everyone else has left, Hope tells Steffy her mother is not a quitter and will get her place back at Forrester, but Steffy doesn't think so. They argue and Ridge returns saying it's like listening to Taylor and Brooke all over again. He wants them to let their mothers handle things because he has to believe they will find a way to peacefully co-exist. Ridge thinks maybe one of these days they could even become best friends. The girls scoff, but it is Ridge's hope.

Brooke finds Taylor downstairs where they continue to debate ownership of FC. Taylor tells her rival she lost and needs to suck it up. Taylor walks away, but Brooke still isn't finished and follows her outside to the parking lot. They walk by the pond out front, where they continue to argue. Things get heated and Taylor pushes Brooke into the pond. She laughs until Brooke pulls her down there with her and their fight turns physical in the water.

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