At Whip's place, Taylor remains quiet as Brooke and Stephanie bicker and present their cases to her about what she should do. Taylor finally speaks up and says she needs to talk to Eric and Ridge before making any decisions.

At FC, Steffy tells Eric Brooke wants Taylor's shares in the company, but they can't let her have them. Thorne joins them, as Ridge says they just need to focus on the fact that they got the company back, regardless of who is co-owner. Hope and Donna walk in and Steffy says the office will still be a war zone if Brooke is in charge. She thinks if they want things to get better then things have to change completely, but Hope and Donna assure Steffy the Logans aren't going anywhere. Brooke walks in, along with Taylor and Stephanie. Stephanie asks Ridge if he wants Brooke or Taylor running the company and Ridge tells his ex-wife this is huge investment and risk. He reminds her she has a career outside the company and FC isn't as important to her as it is to any of them or Brooke. He thinks Brooke has made a major contribution to the company and deserves to be part of it. Steffy thinks Brooke betrayed them by ratting out the Dare line and wants the company run by Forresters, so the Logans can be out. She tells her mother she has to do this and Taylor says she's made her decision. She thinks Forrester has to get its soul back and that they need to be known for their honesty, commitment and family values. She wants to get back to that and says she will fund her twenty five percent and being part owner would be a great honor to her.

Over at Jackie M, Nick asks Bridget to talk to Agnes, but she doesn’t want anything to do with her. Agnes walks in and Bridget asks if she is taking her pills. She says yes and Bridget orders her to continue to do so regardless of how they make her feel until the doctor can prescribe something else. Sandy and Bridget have words and Nick tries to calmly broker peace. As Nick privately talks to Bridget about all the negativity being bad for the baby, Agnes' vision gets blurry as she stands by the desk. Bridget tells Nick she wants Agnes out of their lives and leaves the office. Nick assures Aggie this isn't about her, but about Bridget's issues with his past betrayals. He asks her to come to the house for dinner, but she declines. Nick points out Bridget doesn’t want to hate her and if she comes over to talk, it could break the ice. Agnes agrees, but only if he thinks it could help. Nick doesn’t think it could get much worse. After Agnes has left, Bridget returns to see her husband. She hates feeling this way, but every time she looks at Agnes, she sees her looking at Nick. He wants to try and fix this because this isn't working out the way they thought it would. He doesn’t think they have to be miserable, reminding her they are still having a baby. He asks her to hang on to that and to him, and insists there is nothing he wouldn't do for her or this baby. They kiss, as Agnes watches from the doorway.

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