Thorne comes to the jail to visit Taylor, and finds Taylor pacing frantically I came as soon as I head they reached a verdict. The two discuss how quickly the jury came to verdict, and Taylor asks Thorne how he could say the things he said about her the day before in court. Thorne tells her he misses her, and wants her back home! When Storm comes into Taylor's cell, Thorne asks him if the fact the jury came to a verdict so quickly is a good thing, Taylor answers to his question by saying, Let's face it, I'm going to jail, Thorne responds Don't force me to lose you too.

Court begins session; the judge reminds the courtroom that the jury's verdict carries the full weight of the court. The bailiff goes to get the jury's verdict, after the judge reads it and agrees he has the head juror read their verdict aloud On the charge of vehicular man slaughter with gross negligence how to do you find the defendant. the juror tells the court they find Taylor Not Guilty. After the verdict, Storm immediately asks to have the charges of obstruction of justice, and driving without a license, and Taylor's DUI dropped. The judge drops charges, sentencing Taylor to 100 hours of community service at the mental health clinic, and telling her you're free to go

Back at Taylor's, Storm, Felicia, Eric, Stephanie, Ridge, Sally, Thomas, Phoebe, and Thorne celebrate Taylor's return. Thorne asks Ridge How is this going to be if Ridge tells him "I'm not going to throw a wrench in your happiness, I just have one stipulation, don't call her Doc, That's the stupidest nickname I've ever heard, Thorne responds. Eric asks Taylor to tell them how she feels now that she's free. Taylor gives a speech where she thanks them for Storm, and Darla, and tells them that she knows she cannot solve her problems with alcohol.

Later Alley comes to see Taylor. She asks Taylor how London was, and asks if Taylor got her letter telling her Don't ever go so far away again, unless we can go too. Embracing Alley, Taylor tells her that one day she will tell her all about her trip to London, but today she is just going to tell her that she's happy to be home.

Later Thorne takes Taylor to her bedroom to get her settled in. He mentions to her that before all of this happened the were in the middle of something at Big Bear, he walks over to her saying I don't have a big speech, and it's too soon to get married for Alley and for me. Taylor, life is too short, and second chances are so rare. Love is strong. Love is fragile, and time is never on our side. I want you in my life, all of my life, right now. Starting right now and from this moment on. Do you want that too? Taylor responds, 'Yes, I said yes. You know I love you, will you let me love you. The two kiss. and things begin to get more heated as they lay down on Taylor's bed.

Nick walks Jackie into her home. As she comes in she gets a headache and has to sit down. Donna comes from upstairs and welcomes Jackie home. I am going to be going back to work, Jackie tells Nick, Easy mother you don't think I can run Forrester Creations without you. Surprised by his statement Donna asks, What did you say?
Nick has hired help to watch Jackie during her recovery and encourages her to take it easy for now so she will be well enough to run Forrester with him.

Donna and Nick talk away from Jackie, and she tells him she think the Forrester's signing over the company is a little extreme. Nick tells her to Take a look over at the couch, that's a little extreme.