In their bedroom, Ridge wakes Brooke up and she realizes how late it is. He says he's the boss, so it's okay, but she thinks they might be co-bosses by the end of the day. They get dressed and joke around about how Taylor will probably put an end to public displays of affection at the office and eliminate the steam room and his couch. Ridge jokingly tells her to get over there to talk to her right now!

Taylor and Whip wake up at his place and she continues to mull over her decision.

At Jackie M, Stephanie gathers Owen, Jackie, Nick, Bridget and Pam to tell them about the shake up at FC and that she is now one of the owners over there. Whip enters the office as Stephanie explains Steffy engineered the transaction, including her and Taylor in the sale. They question how she will own Forrester, but work at Jackie M. Stephanie thanks them for being there for her at her lowest point, but she built FC from the ground up and they've asked her to come back, which she thinks she needs to do. They remind her of her legal commitments to Jackie M, but Stephanie says she's done what she came there to do because Jackie M is thriving and they have a good team. Nick angrily tells Stephanie he's been unhappy with her for months now and is tired of her attitude. He then relaxes, smiles, and says, "You're fired." Stephanie realizes what he's doing and thanks him. She asks if she and Jackie are still friends and Jackie makes it clear they are fine. Stephanie says she and Pam should get out of there. Stephanie leaves and Pam expresses how much she will miss them and the sentiment is returned. She offers to toast with her lemon bars, but they all pass. After the Douglas sisters have left, the Jackie M crew thinks about life there without Stephanie and realize they are stronger now than before and will be okay.

Stephanie walks by the huge photo of Sally out in the lobby and pauses to look at it. Then, as she waits by the elevator, she recalls her time at Jackie M.

Ridge walks into the office and finds Steffy packing Katie's things up. He tells her Taylor might be giving her shares to Brooke, but Steffy won't let her put her name on the partnership papers. They argue about Brooke and Steffy says if Brooke doesn't have actual authority then she can't misuse it.

Steffy goes out in the hall and calls Stephanie to tell her she needs to rescue Taylor who is at Whip's with Brooke.

Brooke comes to Whip's place to talk to Taylor about transferring her stake in the company. Stephanie comes in and tells Taylor not to listen to one thing she has to say. Stephanie and Brooke bicker and then Brooke pulls out an agreement her attorney drew up. Stephanie won't allow Brooke to have any authority to make decisions at FC and urges Taylor not to let Brooke manipulate her.

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