In their bedroom, Brooke and Ridge differ on their judgment of how Steffy handled the FC transaction. Brooke tells Ridge she was trying to protect him from something regarding Steffy, but he equates that with meddling, considering how often Stephanie 'protected' him. He thinks if she's keeping something from him about his daughter then they will have a big problem. Brooke backtracks and says she is saying it all wrong and tells him how happy she is he and Eric got the company back, but now Stephanie has some sort of authority over her. Ridge assures her his mother is done meddling, but Brooke also worries about Taylor. Ridge thinks Taylor isn't interested in him anymore, but Brooke isn't so sure. Ridge also doesn’t think Taylor will sell to Brooke, but Brooke thinks she won't be able to come up with the money and also points out she hates making a fool of herself and that's what she'd be doing if she ran the fashion company. Brooke wants to start the evening over and says she's is really happy for him. She states she wants him to have what he wants more than what she wants.

Taylor comes to Whip's place who is getting ready for bed, but welcomes the visit. She tells him she can be in the fashion business if she wants to be, but wonders if she does. She says she can borrow against the house for the money and sell the properties she got from Ridge in the divorce, but will be strapped financially if she decides to do this. She also tells him Brooke offered to buy her shares and Whip wonders if she will let her, asking if she wants a career change at this stage in her life. Taylor wants to secure a future for Steffy and Thomas over there. He asks if working with Ridge is part of the draw and she says she won't mind working with him, but she doesn't want to be with him because there is no future. She says it feels different with Whip – like a dog with his head hanging out of a car window on the highway – happy, excited and free. Whip likes the analogy and kisses her.

At Forrester, Stephanie congratulates her granddaughter on taking Bill down. Steffy chalks it up to beginner's luck.

A satisfied Eric walks into his office and tosses out the photo of Katie and Bill that is sitting on the desk. Donna walks in and he notes she's unhappy. She says she's concerned about fairness, not to her, but to Brooke. Eric thinks she'll be pulling down the same salary as before and will share Ridge's stake in the company. Donna worries Stephanie and Taylor will drive her sister out, but Eric needs her to understand what he's going through and how wonderful this is for him. Donna understands and says she will see him at home and leaves him to revel in his reinstatement. Stephanie comes in and then Thorne follows to congratulate Eric. Thorne brings with him Eric's wet bar that Katie had banished from the office when she took over. Thorne leaves and Stephanie makes her and Eric martinis, as they talk about what Stephanie is going to do. She tells him if he doesn't want her there, it's okay. He responds that he made a big mistake forcing her out. He misses her, can't replace her and wants her there. They joke around and he says he loves her. He needs her in his life, in his business and to remind him of his history. She thinks it's the alcohol talking, but he wants her to come back. She won't do it out of fear he will turn on her later down the road, as he has done before. He knows he has no right to ask anything of her, but Stephanie caves and says she will return, but he can't talk anymore foolishness and has to keep Donna away from her. Eric smiles, tells her to shut up and kisses her. They hug and Stephanie says, "Love that Eric."

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