In Katie's office, Bill tries to make her understand why he sold the company. She thinks she'll get over the disppointment once she sees how happy Brooke and Donna are running the company again with their husbands.

In the basement, Steffy tells a shocked Brooke and Donna that she created REST, which includes Stephanie and Taylor and got Bill to sign the agreement. Katie and Bill walk in and learn Stephanie and Taylor are the new co-owners. Bill and Katie are furious and Katie wonders what Steffy had to do with this. Steffy explains she took advantage of a vulnerable moment and Bill sold the company to make Katie's Christmas wish come true. Their attorney walks in and Bill says he can rip up the contract because the deal is off, however, he's told the contract is legal and binding. Ridge asks for a moment alone with his wife and after everyone leaves, Ridge explains he had to act on the agreement because he was finally getting the company back. Brooke is unhappy, but Ridge reminds her Stephanie deserves a place there. She wonders about Taylor and he says her portion will eventually go to Steffy and Thomas, as theirs will go to Hope and RJ. Brooke feels like she' put back in the role of an undeserving woman who has wormed her way into his life. Taylor returns to tell Brooke she hasn't treated her husband or Eric very well and Ridge backs her up saying Brooke wasn't very proactive in helping them when Katie took over. Taylor tells Brooke she does not deserve Ridge because she has no idea what he has been going trough after the take over. Brooke has been suffering right along with him, but she was trying to make the best of the situation. She even tried to get the company back from Bill. She declares she deserves to own the company and asks Taylor to do the right thing. She wants to buy back Taylor's 25 percnet ownership and asks her to sleep on it tonight. She wants her to really think about it before she makes her announcement tomorrow.

In another office, Katie rails Bill, pointing out he doesn't make mistakes like this. She is also livid that Steffy was involved and he didn't tell her about it. Bill will have legal take a look at the contract, but can't promise anything. Katie is furious Donna and Brooke will have to answer to Stephanie and Taylor.

Bill goes to see Steffy in another office who warns she will tell Katie everything if he presses the issue. He warns she doesn’t know who she is messing with, but she tells him he is a fascinating man and she's never met anyone like him, but she won this round. She thinks there's a part of him that's intrigued by her. He declares no one gets the better of Dollar Bill for long, especially a pretty little thing like her. He tells her to enjoy it while it lasts. She responds that Katie is a lucky woman and he leaves.

Bill returns to Katie in her former office and tells her the sale is a done deal. Katie thinks Steffy has something on him and asks if he slept with her. Bill says no, but Katie thinks that would explain a lot. Bill says FC is too inbred and dysfunctional, but Katie doesn't think that explains his decision to sell. He tells her this is a setback, not a defeat and there will be payback. He apologizes and says he wanted to do what was best for her and for them, but he screwed up. Katie doesn’t think this is him and he agrees. He say the man he used to be would never let FC slip through his fingers, but he's not the man he used to be because he now has a wife he cherishes and adores. He promises to never let her down again and says they should go home. Katie tells him to go ahead because she wants a moment alone in the office because while the job was difficult it meant a lot to her. Bill leaves and Steffy enters, slamming the door behind her. Katie tells her she hasn't won and this is not over, but Steffy begs to differ. Steffy gloats about kicking her out and Katie says she sounds more and more like Stephanie every day. Steffy won't rest until each Logan is out of their lives and the Logan presence is a bad memory. She vows the day will come, but Katie says, "We'll see," and leaves.

Bill walks out to the parking lot and looks back at Ridge talking on his phone who says, "Alright Jake, do it now." Bill sees the FC sign and the part about it being a division of Spencer Publications is blown off. Bill claps and says he appreciates a flair for the dramatic. He expected a punch in the mouth, but warns Ridge he always comes back swinging, even harder.

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