Thomas comes to the basement office and finds Steffy who tells him she got the company back. Thomas can't believe how she went about it and thinks Ridge will go through the roof when he finds out. It's a risk she was willing to take, which paid off.

On another break from the Goddess shoot, the Logans trade barbs with Stephanie once again. Brooke declares the Logans are Forrester creations and Stephanie is just a name in the dust. Stephanie and Taylor leave and Ridge comes to the shoot. He learns of the new campaign and is a bit surprised since they usually have meetings about this kind of thing. Steffy calls him and tells him she needs to see him.

Katie, Donna and Brooke walk in Katie's office and find Bill who has an announcement for all of them. He shocks them by saying he sold the company citing all the discord isn't helping FC succeed. He hopes he's making it up to Katie when didn't sell FC at Christmas time when she originally asked him to. He tells them about the Ridge Eric Sustainable Trust and congratulates Brooke and Donna, who are happy, but Katie looks furious. Privately, Katie asks Bill what's going on, upset he didn't tell her about this. He did what he thought was best for them, but she can't believe it since this job has become a huge part of her life. He reminds her how she wanted this for her sisters at Christmas, but she says she sucked it up like he told her to. Brooke and Donna thank Bill and excitedly leave to tell Eric and Ridge. Bill continues explain to Katie who tries to understand that his heart was in the right place. He assures her it was and vows she will always have his heart.

Eric, Ridge, Stephanie and Taylor walk in the basement office where Steffy tells them they each need to raise 50 million dollars because Bill is selling the company back to them. She says she put a corporation together called REST – Ridge Eric Stephanie Taylor – and shows them the papers Bill signed. They can't believe he signed them and wonder if she tricked him. She promises there were no tricks involved, but they still don't understand why he signed the papers now. She doesn’t think they should question it and says they need to act now. She had to do this for Eric and Ridge and wonders if Stephanie wants to come back to her real family. Stephanie isn't sure she's welcome, but Eric tells Stephanie they want her back because the company isn't a company without her. Steffy looks to Taylor who doesn’t think she is part of the company either, but Steffy assures her she is. Taylor accepts and Ridge is impressed with Steffy, but asks what part Brooke will play in all of this. Steffy wants FC in the hands of their family and says that Brooke and Donna will always be involved, but they can't be owners because that role has to be within the Forrester family. Ridge is proud of his daughter and asks Eric if he's ready to walk the halls as an owner again. Eric is and tells Steffy well done. Everyone signs the papers and celebrates. Brooke and Donna walk in and share in the joy of getting the company back. The sisters ask Stephanie and Taylor to leave so they can engage in a board meeting. Stephanie and Taylor take pleasure in telling them they are part of the ownership team now, but Donna and Brooke are not.

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