Steffy lays out her terms again to Bill over the phone at Katie's office and Bill tells her he's coming there right now. Steffy warns him to not keep her waiting. Steffy goes back to Katie and they argue about her getting fired. Katie admits it's totally personal, but Steffy refuses to leave because it's her dad's and grandfather's company. Katie calls Madison to come in and asks her call security, as Bill walks in. Katie tells her husband she is firing Katie and Bill backs her up, telling Steffy to give it a 'rest'. Katie leaves and Steffy closes the door assuming since he used the acronym for her sustainable trust, he's ready to agree to her terms. Bill thinks he should be furious with her, but she reminds him too much of himself. He thinks they don't want to be each other's enemy and proposes an alternative plan. He wants to add on to FC, which Ridge and Eric would run. Steffy wonders if they would have to answer to Katie, and Bill tells her everyone has to answer to someone. Steffy retorts that Ridge and Eric were the best in the world when they had no one to answer to and she will give him their freedom back. Bill again threatens that Ridge will find out about her coming on to him and it will send him over the edge. Steffy thinks he will understand why she did it, but won't be so understanding with him, nor will Katie. Bill will tell Katie she's lying, but Steffy thinks having Katie's ring gives her story more credibility. Steffy doesn’t want to mess things up for him, but she will do it because her family needs the company back. She thinks Katie will be fine without being CEO, but he will be happier with Katie than without her. Bill asks for the contract, the ring back and for her to never tell Katie what happened between them. If she goes back on their deal he will come after her and bring Hell with him. He signs the papers and she gives him Katie's ring back. He tells her this was well played and she is thrilled they are no longer a division of Spencer Publications. Steffy goes out in the hall and says, "Now the Logans will finally be gone."

In Ridge's office, Stephanie and Taylor try to help Ridge with his anger over losing FC, but also point out how the Logans are running things. They discuss what all the discord at work is doing to his kids and Taylor knows Steffy would do anything she could to get the company back.

Donna and Brooke go to the photo shoot space and Brooke tells her sister they will be modeling the campaign again. Katie walks in and tells her sisters she fired Steffy and that Bill supported her. She offers to take the heat for it with Ridge and then says they have a job to do, by becoming goddesses. The sisters change and Brio, the photographer, takes shots of them in their goddess garb. After a few photos are taken, Katie realizes Donna and Brooke are holding back and assures them they're better with Steffy gone and they need to rise to the occasion so they look good in these photos. They get back to work, as Stephanie and Taylor walk in. The women bicker about whose turn it is to run FC and then Steph and Taylor watch as Brio and the Logans get back to work.

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