In his office, Bill tells Steffy he won't sell FC back to her, but she promises not to squeal to Katie about their tryst if he does. She asks, "What's it going to be? Your company or your wife?" Bill warns Steffy she is irritating him and that's the last thing she wants to do. He declares he loves his wife and won't let Steffy hurt her. Steffy knows what it's like to protect the people you love because that's what she's doing. She promises he can keep his marriage in tact, as long as she can give her father FC back. Bill mocks Steffy's take charge attitude and asks for Katie's ring back. Steffy reminds him how much he wanted her last night, but Bill retorts that last night was more about his misguided anger towards Katie than about wanting her. He warns that Ridge wouldn't be too happy to learn she almost slept with the enemy, but Steffy knows Ridge would eventually understand why she did it. She calls Bill a means to an end, which Bill takes offense to considering he helped her rise in the ranks at FC. Steffy again threatens to tell Katie unless he signs the papers selling the company back to the Foresters. Bill doesn't think they have the money, but Steffy isn't worried. Bill understands she wants to do this for her family, but the way she is doing it is beneath her. He refuses to sign the papers telling her this is the end of her little fantasy. Steffy tells him Katie has asked to see her and she doesn't want to keep her waiting and leaves, as Bill looks worried. Justin walks in and Bill tells him what happened with Steffy the night before and how she's blackmailing him. Bill can't let Katie find out and says somehow he has to deal with Steffy.

In Katie's office, Brooke, Donna and Katie discuss an interim campaign until Hope is ready to get back to work. Katie wants their new campaign to be called Goddess and Brooke and Donna love it. Brooke wants to get Steffy on it right away, but Katie informs them she's firing her. Donna and Brooke remind her she is Ridge's daughter so she can't just toss her out, but Katie thinks the faster she moves on the better and just hopes it's not too late. Despite her sisters' concerns, Katie declares Steffy is out of there today. Steffy walks in, as Donna and Brooke make their exit. Katie rips into Steffy for throwing herself at Bill and calls her pathetic. Katie fires Steffy, as Steffy fishes around in her bag for Katie's engagement ring. Katie gets a call, as Bill calls Steffy. Steffy leaves the office as Katie talks business on the phone. Steffy tells Bill Katie just fired her, but she has the ring and will show it to her. Bill urges her not to do it and Steffy presents him with his options again.

Taylor comes to see Ridge in the basement at FC and brings him a plant because she knows how difficult things have been for him. She wants him to cheer himself up and he notices how happy she is, assuming it's because of Whip. She admits things are progressing nicely for them and Ridge says no one deserves happiness more than her. Taylor changes the conversation to Steffy and notes how indispensable she is around there. He calls Steffy the only bright spot for him at work and describes how positive she is about getting the company back. He wonders where she gets the confidence to keep believing and admires that she never lets go of her dream. Taylor doesn't think he should let go of his dream either, but Ridge says every moment he stays there eats him alive. Taylor wishes there was something she could do to help and Ridge assures her she's doing it by just being there.

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