While in bed with Katie the next morning, Bill recalls his interlude with Steffy the night before. Katie wakes up and realizes she has a meeting to get to. She asks what Bill has planned for the day and he says he's got one thing going and hopes it won't be too difficult.

In the basement at Forrester Creations, Steffy meets with Ridge, Eric, Marcus and Thomas for a meeting with Katie. They discuss Hope and how Graham is going to jail. Eric informs them all that they are making changes to the line which was ordered by Katie. Thorne wonders what's happened to them that they are letting someone else tell them how to do their jobs. Ridge says, "Bill Spencer happened to us and there's not a damn thing we can do about it." They impatiently wait for Katie who has asked them to stay put, despite their desire to bail. As Ridge and Eric fit some models, Katie finally walks in and examines one of the designs. She offers her notes, which Eric and Ridge are disdainful of. Katie wonders why they can't make their arrangement work and Ridge says she and Bill are in charge and the rest of them are just hired help.

Eric talks with his lawyer on the elevator who tells him the contracts are binding and there's nothing they can do. Steffy sees them and after the lawyer walks away, she tells Eric not to give up. Eric won't and brings her into Katie's office where he says this is their family history. He flashes back to the many years spent there and Steffy declares they will get FC back.

Steffy catches the lawyer as he's about to leave on the elevator and reminds him about their secret meeting. She stops the elevator and they discuss a plan. He agrees to draw up the papers two different ways and to word it exactly as she said – sustainable trust - because that's how they will get the company back.

Back in his office in the basement, Eric walks in to Katie telling him, Thorne and Ridge that she is the CEO and in charge. It's time for them to stop complaining and accept it.

Justin meets Bill in his office and notes something is wrong, but Bill won't tell him what. Steffy comes in as Justin leaves and Bill says he wants to put what happened last night behind them. He wonders what she wants from him and she says he already knows the answer – Forrester Creations. She wants him to sell it back to her for what he paid plus ten percent. Bill balks, but Steffy brings in the attorney who hands her the papers they discussed. He leaves and Steffy gives them to Bill which are a sales agreement between Bill and REST, which stands for Ridge Eric Sustainable Trust and will keep ownership within the family for generations. Bill won't sell the company and warns she is getting in over her head. Steffy brings up Katie's engagement ring and says she will give it back to Katie while telling her how she got it unless Bill gives her the company back. Bill calls it blackmail, but she quotes him by saying it's just good business.

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