The first seven minutes of B&B today were interrupted for a press conference regarding the tornados that hit my area yesterday (NC). I am working on getting information on the first 7 minutes of show for you. Until then, here is a recap of the remainder of the show.

At the courthouse Phoebe and Taylor argue about Shane, and his true intentions with Phoebe. When Shane doesn't arrive at the courthouse, Phoebe offers to testify for Taylor, but is shot down by Storm. Storm asks the judge for a continuance, but is turned down, forcing him to put Taylor on the stand.

Taylor takes the stand, and Storm asks her if she was the driving the car that hit Darla Forrester. Taylor tells them, I've never denied that. When he asks her why she never told the truth, she tells them that it wasn't because she thought she was going to get in trouble, it was because she couldn't do that to Thorne. I knew I was going to tell Thorne, that was always my intention, Thorne, I know, thought that was the last thing I was going to say, he had enough of his own needs, for instance at the funeral he told me he didn't know how he was going to tell his daughter. I think he knew I felt what he felt in a very profound way, he just didn't know why.

Storm asks Taylor if it hitting Darla was an accident. Taylor tells him she Wouldn't call it that. Storm then asks her about the fog that night, and proves that Taylor couldn't see Darla because of the fog, and because Darla was wearing a black sweatshirt. Upset that she thinks Storm is turning the accident into Darla's fault Taylor yells out Don't do this, don't make this Darla's fault. It wasn't her fault I hit her, I could have slammed on the breaks, but I didn't because of the damn wine, I did it!

After her outburst, the prosecution tells the judge they have no further questions and commend Dr. Hayes for her honesty. When the judge asks Storm if he has any other witnesses, he tells them his witness list has been exhausted, Thorne stands up in the court room and tells them Then, call me!

Storm calls Thorne to the stand. Thorne tells him I am here to represent my wife. He goes on to tell them "The night it happened, I went into Darla's ICU room and Taylor told me 'It was my fault, this is all my fault', and I wouldn't hear it, Thorne tells them I honestly don't know what my daughter and I would have done without her. Thorne tells them that he loves Taylor for protecting Darla, he starts to cry, and tells them She was wearing black because that was the first thing she picked up, because Phoebe needed her. That's the way Darla was, and that's the way Taylor is he directs his testimony toward Taylor and tells her It was an accident and then tells the jury, We forgive her, and we need you to forgive her, please set her free!.