Bill and Steffy make out on the bed as they hear Katie coming home. Bill throws Steffy out the side door telling her to never come near him again. He walks out of the bedroom, as Steffy returns and spies Katie's diamond ring. Bill goes to the living room and wonders if Katie is there to get her things. She says of course not and explains she rushed out earlier because she had a meeting. Steffy secretly listens as Bill tells his wife he doesn’t want to feel like every time they have an argument she is going to leave. Katie insists she didn't walk out on him and apologizes for not be more clear with him. He tells her when she walks out it takes him to a place he doesn’t like. She knows she's being insecure and hates feeling like that regarding Steffy. She admits she overreacted and wants to move forward. They each present their cases again and Katie tells him she loves him and wants to spend the rest of her life with him. She knows they will have ups and downs, but she will never give up on him or on them. She hopes he feels the same way and says sometimes she needs to hear it. Bill tells her she is the only woman he has truly loved, he is a better man because of her and wants to spend every day with her by his side. They kiss and Katie asks him to take her to their bed and make love to her. Bill cautiously takes Katie to their room, after Steffy apparently has left, and they lie on the bed where they get more intimate. The camera pans to the spot where Katie's ring was, but is now missing. After they have sex, Bill tells his wife to never let him forget how incredible she is. Katie jokes that she will remind him every day. Katie gets up and puts on her robe and notices her ring is gone. She asks Bill what he did with it and he looks worried, but says they'll find it.

Steffy goes home where Thomas asks what's she's up to. She tells him it's time to move in for the kill. Steffy makes a call to the family lawyer for a purchase agreement and makes plans to meet him at Forrester the next day. Thomas wonders who the call was to and she just tells him she has a plan to get the company back. She pulls out Katie's ring, calling it insurance, and tells her brother tomorrow will be a memorable day because Bill Spencer will meet his match. Thomas walks away and Bill calls Steffy saying Katie is back and he overreacted. He makes it clear he loves his wife and then asks if Steffy took the ring. Steffy says she has it and will meet him at his office tomorrow morning.

After hanging up with Steffy, Bill comes back inside to see Katie freaking out about losing her ring. Bill hugs her and promises they will get it back.

Agnes comes to Nick's office to give him some paperwork, but also points out how awkward things are between them. She wonders if he is uncomfortable around her now that he knows about her feelings for him. Bridget walks in as they talk and is cold towards Agnes. She instructs her on what to eat and asks if she's taken her medication for the day. Agnes explains it makes her feel nauseous and lightheaded, but insists she's fine and watching her diet. Bridget becomes overbearing and orders her to take the medication. Nick backs his wife up, but Agnes says she can handle this on her own. The women argue and Nick intervenes saying they will all go to the doctor's tomorrow to get a new prescription. Bridget agrees but wants Aggie to take the medication now for the time being. Bridget demands Agnes give her the pills and forces them on her. Agnes takes it and asks if she's satisfied. Bridget responds that she will only be satisfied when she has her baby in her arms.

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