In Bill's home, Steffy tells Bill he is so tempted by her. Bill warns her she is in a high stakes game. Steffy tells him not to refuse her offer, but Bill warns her she is playing with a man and not a boy. Steffy boasts Katie isn't there, but she is and wonders what he is going to do about it. As Steffy continues to bash Katie, Bill pulls Steffy in for a passionate kiss! Steffy tells him he married the wrong woman and heads for the bedroom! Bill asks Steffy what her next move is. She tells him, "You know what I want or am I going to have to take it?" Bill pulls her close and says, "If you think you can, take it!" He wonders if she was just flirting but boasts, "You lit this match, and now you will get burned." He rips her shirt off, pushes her onto the bed, and they begin to kiss again!

At her office, Katie complains to Brooke that there are three people in her marriage and Bill doesn't see it. Brooke thinks it has more to do with Steffy than Bill. Katie wants to talk to Ridge about the problem, but Brooke thinks Ridge will just go after Bill. Brooke suggests Katie just go home to Bill because there is nothing Steffy can do to hurt their marriage. Katie realizes she left her wedding ring at home.

Whip and Taylor kiss by the fire. Taylor suggests they move on to dessert. Whip brings up Ridge, but Taylor shuts his mouth and they continue to kiss. Taylor then pulls away and tells Whip she has never met a man as down to earth as him, but she wants to be cautious because she doesn't want to get hurt. Whip sweetly tells her he appreciates that, but he knows he has found the right woman because his heart is beating so fast! They begin to make love. Afterwards, Taylor tells Whip she is glad that it happened because he makes her feel so special. She slyly tells him, "You are going to be very good for me, Jonesy."

At home, Ridge lays out flowers and lights candles for his beautiful Logan. Brooke enters the room and Ridge surprises her with a glass of wine. Brooke asks how he knew this was exactly what she needed. Ridge believes they are beyond the strife at Forrester. Brooke brings up Katie's challenges in her marriage. Ridge asks if Katie's marriage is in trouble. Brooke regrets mentioning it, but Ridge thinks Bill has changed Katie and she will wind up getting burned. Brooke changes the subject to Steffy and Ridge admits he is worried about her because she is so headstrong.

Katie sits in her office looking at her wedding picture. She has a flash of a tender moment with Bill when he told her he regretted not marrying her sooner. She decides to return home.

Katie enters her home to see the bedroom door closed. She calls out for Bill, as Bill and Steffy are going at it in the bedroom!

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