At home, Katie berates Bill about how dangerous Steffy is. Steffy listens through the window. An angry Bill is tired of having the same conversation. Katie is upset to learn that Steffy was at their home the night that she walked out on him. Katie demands to know everything that happened while she was gone! Bill claims they simply shared a good-bye kiss. Katie gets angrier and yells that Steffy has no respect for their marriage. Katie makes a bolt for the door and Bill yells he can't handle her walking out every time they have a problem! Katie leaves anyway, while a surprised Steffy watches.

Ridge cleans up the bloody mess in his office. Ridge admits to Brooke that seeing Spencer Communications everywhere is making him crazy. Hope enters to see the mess. Brooke and Ridge assure Hope that all is well and change the subject to the "Hope for the Future" campaign. Brooke warns Hope her life will be exposed, but Hope wonders if Brooke is worried about her own past catching up with her. Brooke asserts she went through a dark time, but Deacon gave her Hope. Hope thinks she can handle the public campaign, but wants to slow things down. After Hope leaves, Brooke assures Ridge she's fine with the campaign.

Over dinner at Whip's home, Taylor thinks she could get used to such special treatment. Whip promises her a very special evening. Whip toasts to the sweetest woman in the world. He then turns the subject to Ridge. Taylor admits she sometimes still has fantasies about Ridge returning to her. She then gets upset that she said such a thing over a lovely dinner. Whip believes if she sticks with him, one day she won't be thinking of Ridge. Taylor pulls Whip in for a kiss and thanks "Jonesy." He likes her nickname for him. Whip starts a fire and they settle onto the couch. Taylor wonders if he is too good to be true. He tenderly tells her he intends to cherish her and she has his total attention. She replies, "I intend to hold you to that, Jonesy." They share another sweet kiss.

Katie interrupts Ridge and Brooke hugging in her office. After Ridge leaves, Brooke tells Katie that Hope wants to slow down the campaign, but with Steffy's help it should be a success. An irked Katie yells, "Sure, after she ruins my marriage!" Katie fills Brooke in on the latest kiss Bill shared with Steffy.

A giddy Steffy hops into Bill's house and asks for a beer. She boasts that Katie got mad over her. Bill believes Katie will be back and they will be fine. Steffy points out that Katie has already walked out on him twice in a month. Steffy gets blunt and says she wants Forrester back for her Dad and he is going to help her! She declares if he gives her Dad the company back and leaves Katie, he can have her! A stunned Bill asks if she is putting herself on the negotiating table. Steffy claims she won't take no for an answer!

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