In Nick's office, Agnes tells a stunned Nick she feels she is in love with him. She boasts that he pulled her out of the darkness and gave her life. Nick tenderly tells her she is confused. Agnes thinks Nick is her hero. Nick asserts he is committed to Bridget. Agnes doesn't want to interfere in his marriage, but doesn't understand why Bridget is so insecure. She asks Nick to convince Bridget that she is not a threat.

Steffy enters Ridge's office to find him upset and distracted. Steffy confidently states it is her turn to be strong for the family and leaves.

Whip escorts Taylor back to his place after a night out on the town. He offers her wine, but she declines. He puts on a "Kiss the Cook" apron and makes a homemade meal. Taylor is happy to have someone taking care of her for a change. Whip can't believe Ridge never put together a special meal for her. Taylor points out that Ridge did everything with the help of a wait staff, and Whip's meal is romantic.

Steffy arrives at Bill's office with lunch. He is impressed she knows his favorite sandwich. While eating, Steffy sees Donna preparing to enter the office. Steffy pretends to have something in her eye and leans in to have Bill remove it. Donna witnesses the exchange and interprets it as an intimate moment! After a shocked Donna leaves, Steffy surmises that Bill enjoyed kissing her. Bill laughs. Steffy then intercepts a call from his secretary and boldly tells her that Bill needs another ten minutes. Bill advises her to use the extra time wisely. Steffy orders him to give Ridge the respect he deserves!

Donna rushes to Katie's office and tells her that Steffy was having a meeting with Bill in full-on seduction mode! An angry Katie leaves to put a stop to the Steffy problem once and for all!

While Steffy is still in his office, Bill takes a call from Katie, who orders him to come home immediately. A smug Steffy says, "When she says jump, you say how high." Bill tells her she is irritating and orders her to go.

Ridge continues to drive himself crazy in his office. He breaks a Spencer Communications paperweight. While having a meltdown, he rubs his hands on his face to reveal they are cut! Brooke enters the office and is horrified to see his bloody face! She realizes he is not himself, and pulls him into a hug.

Bill rushes home to see Katie sitting in the dark. She asks how lunch was. Bill is confused when Katie angrily brings up Steffy. Katie can't understand how he would allow Steffy in his office. Bill doesn't care if she comes onto him or not because he is not vulnerable.

Steffy arrives at Bill's house and listens to Bill and Katie argue outside. She realizes she can use their fight to her advantage. She says aloud, "I'm going to get Forrester Creations back for you, Dad."

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