Nick wakes Bridget up in bed and they joke around a bit. Nick gets serious and asks if they are okay and Bridget confirms that they are. They kiss, but then Bridget worries about the baby and Agnes. They get dressed for work and as Nick talks about Sandy, she reminds him to call her Agnes. Bridget doesn't trust her to follow doctor's orders, but Nick insists everything will work out fine. Bridget feels taken advantage of, but doesn’t blame Nick. She loves him for wanting to help Agnes and vows to remain positive until the end of the pregnancy when everything will be perfect.

At Jackie M, Whip, Pam, Owen and Jackie prepare to welcome Sandy back with balloons and a banner. Sandy walks in and is thrilled with her party and feels like she's part of the family now. Whip gives Sandy sparkling cider and Pam offers her a lemon bar, but she's not very hungry. Sandy is grateful for the love and support from all of them and thanks Owen for letting Oliver stay in his beach house. Sandy admits she's been guarded, but feels like she should share what exactly happened to put her in the hospital. She tells them about being raped, that she got into an altercation with the man who did it and how she credits Nick for helping her to change her life. Everyone rallies around her and Owen proposes a toast to Sandy getting justice. Bridget and Nick walk in and Bridget ends the party. She tells them Sandy's name is Agnes and that's what they will call her from now on and rips down the banner. After Agnes, Nick, Bridget and Pam leave, Jackie and Owen wonder if Whip knew about this. Taylor shows up and Whip tells them Agnes is his cousin and is a terrific woman who went through a rough time.

Agnes goes to Nick's office and tells him she knows she has to work extra hard to earn back Bridget's trust. Nick doesn’t think it's a good idea for them to be alone together, but she just wants to talk. He thinks they should wait until Bridget returns, but Agnes asks him to hear her out. She's sorry for getting him in trouble with Bridget, as Bridget walks in wondering what she's doing in there. Agnes says she is there to apologize, but Bridget doesn't want to hear it and reiterates the terms of their new deal. Agnes insists their baby is a huge priority for her and Bridget wonders if she is taking her medication three times a day as the doctor instructed. Agnes says she doesn’t need to be treated like that because she is not a child, but Bridget reminds her she doesn't know her. Bridget goes to the cutting room and says she expects Agnes to be gone when she gets back. After Bridget leaves, Nick asks Agnes about what Brooke overheard her say. He wonders why she would say she loved him, but she's not entirely sure. She does know he's given her her confidence back and some peace. She thinks it's only natural for her to have feelings for him, but that doesn’t answer his question, so she admits she loves him.

Elsewhere at Jackie M, Whip tells Taylor he has everything worked out for their date and hopes she likes it. She has no doubt, but wonders how he has time for special plans with everything else going on. Whip tells her it's easy to do it for her and she deserves to be put first for once. He's officially taken himself off the market for her and jokes that hearts will be breaking all over L.A. She laughs and he says he wants to make her feel special and know she maters with him whether she likes it or not.

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