At the hospital, Brooke tells Sandy she can't possibly be in love with Nick, but Sandy insists she is capable of having those feelings for a man now. Sandy thinks Brooke knows her and what she's been through and can't believe she is making it all about Bridget. She reminds her how she helped saved Hope and that she hasn't even thanked her for it. She wonders if Brooke is even worried about her younger daughter. Brooke responds she is concerned for both her daughters, but doesn’t know how to be happy Sandy helped one daughter, when she could destroy the other. Sandy wonders if she is going to tell Bridget what she said about Nick and Brooke declares she won't keep anymore secrets from her daughter.

After Bridget confronts Nick about his feelings for Sandy in one of the hospital rooms, he refuses to answer because it's not about that, but about her and her fears. He assures her he loves her and their baby and can't even imagine doing anything to hurt either one of them. Bridget says the baby is okay and he responds, "And so are we," as Bridget hugs him.

Nick finds Dr. Caspary in the hall who tells him the baby is okay. Nick is relieved because he doesn't know what they would do if anything went wrong.

Brooke runs into Bridget in the hall, who gives her a chilly reception for keeping Sandy's secret. Brooke apologizes and tries to explain, as Bridget insists she call Sandy Agnes. Brooke then tells her daughter Agnes is attracted to Nick and said she loves him. Bridget also learns Whip and Agnes are cousins and gets upset over one more secret being kept from her. After Bridget storms off to confront Agnes, Brooke sees Nick and tells him Sandy is in love with him and she told Bridget about it. Nick can't believe she told Bridget, but she says she had to. Nick assures Brooke he never crossed a line with Sandy and she tells him he needs to end his friendship with her – no more emails, calls, etc.

Bridget comes to Agnes' room after Dr. Caspary leaves. She tells her surrogate she knows about her feelings for Nick and calls her a fraud and a thief. Bridget wants to know how Sandy feels and she responds that she feels alive and unafraid. Bridget realizes it's because of Nick and Sandy says she is happy she can have feelings for any man besides fear and trust. She declares she wouldn’t act on her feelings though, but Bridget doesn't buy her claims. She accuses her of building a bond with Nick that would be a direct threat to her family. Agnes says on the contrary, she's trying to help her build her family. Bridget reminds her once the baby is born, they are over. She calls her a liar and a traitor and says Nick would never be with a woman like that, as Agnes sees Nick walk up in the hallway.

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