At the hospital, Whip wonders to Oliver how Hope is doing. Oliver realizes it's the same girl he met at the coffeehouse and is stunned she's the girl Graham tried to rape.

Hope wakes up in her hospital room and finds her parents still there. Ridge wants her to know regardless of DNA, she is his daughter. He loves her as much as any of his children. She realizes that and they hug, as Brooke lovingly looks on. He tells her once she gets out of the hospital they will make fashion history with the Hope for the Future campaign. Lt. Baker comes in to tell them Graham is in custody and will be arraigned tomorrow and held without bail. He fills them in on Sandy and Brooke leaves to go find out what's going on. Ridge leaves to talk to the doctor and then Oliver comes to the room and gives Hope a teddy bear. They joke around a bit and he tells her to get out of there soon because he'll be looking for her at the coffeehouse. Oliver leaves and Hope snuggles the bear as she goes to sleep.

Nick continues to explain things to Bridget in the hall outside Sandy's room, but Bridget only sees that Sandy lied to them and now their baby is in danger. Dr. Caspary comes up and asks to talk to all of them inside. They go in Sandy's room and learn the baby is fine but they want to keep Sandy a little longer for observation. Dr. Caspary leaves and Bridget asks to talk to 'Agnes' alone. Sandy says everything will be fine, but Bridget doesn’t think it's that easy. Bridget rails at Sandy for lying to her and acting irresponsible with her child. Bridget accuses her of having an agenda with Nick and of taking advantage of her, but Sandy reminds her she was raped. Bridget is sorry for that, but doesn’t think it excuses anything and thinks her actions were calculated. Sandy reminds her everyone is safe and fine and Graham is behind bars. She's grateful to Nick for helping to set her free and can't understand why Bridget doesn't appreciate him for that. Bridget reminds her she and Nick are deeply in love so she should have no illusions about him. She then very sternly tells her she will allow her to stay on at Jackie M, only so she can keep an eye on her baby, but there will be no more secret meetings with Nick. This is a business arrangement and nothing more. Sandy assures her she has no designs on Nick, but Bridget doesn't want anything to do with her, aside from the baby. She warns she will be all over her making sure she lives her life correctly for the baby. She calls her an incubator and nothing more. Bridget will give her a check when the baby is born and then she will be out of their lives forever.

Nick sees Brooke in the hall and she thanks him for saving her daughter. Nick says she can thank Sandy for that. Brooke wants to talk to her but Nick lets her know Bridget is with her and feels betrayed.

Whip comes to Sandy's room after Bridget leaves and as they talk about Nick, Brooke walks in unnoticed as she stands behind a curtain. Brooke hears Sandy admit to her cousin that she feels something for Nick and now has a reason to get up in the morning. Whip doesn’t want to hear it, but Sandy says she's in love and Nick is her hero. Brooke draws the curtain back and asks for a moment alone with Sandy. Whip leaves and Sandy thanks her for being a friend to her, but Brooke can't get over what she said about Nick. She warns that if Sandy even bats an eyelash at her daughter's husband she will have to deal with her.

Nick finds Bridget in an empty room and she tells him Sandy is not who she thought she was, but she made it very clear where things stand. He apologizes for letting things get so out of hand, but he loves her more than anything in the world. He asks what he can do to help put it behind them, but she doesn’t know.

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