Whip and Oliver wait in the hall at the hospital for word on Sandy and see Steffy, who's there to check on Hope. In order to keep Sandy's secret Whip says he's there to help Oliver, who is a friend. After Steffy walks away, Whip sends Oliver to ask a nurse about Sandy.

In Sandy's room, Bridget gets filled in on Graham and what he did to Hope. Bridget still doesn't understand what Sandy being in the hospital has to do with it though. Nick and Sandy go into more detail and Sandy finally tells her about Graham raping her five years ago. Bridget is sympathetic, but wishes Sandy had told her. She learns Nick knew about it and gets upset. Nick tries to explain, but she's furious and then learns he turned to Brooke instead of her for advice. A nurse comes in calling Sandy Ms. Jones and says her brother is there. Bridget then learns the final cover up, which is that Sandy is really Agnes. Bridget gets even more upset and can't believe Nick would trust Sandy with their child or that she could ever trust him again. After Bridget storms out and Nick follows, Whip and Oliver visit with Sandy and learn Bridget knows the truth and that Graham was the one who raped her. Oliver is happy it's over, but wishes he was there for her. She assures him he has always been there and is just happy she's alive and able to feel again. They hug and she looks out the window at Bridget and Nick arguing in the hall.

Nick tries to defend himself to Bridget in the hallway and says they all felt she would understand when the truth came out, to which Bridget scoffs. She thinks the last thing on his mind was her or their baby, but he insists that's not true. She accuses him of saving the damsel in distress and says it's Katie all over again. She thinks he hasn't been sharing his life with her, but he says he didn't tell her because he understands her fear surrounding the pregnancy, so they kept quiet because they didn't know how she would have reacted to Sandy's past. He's sorry he didn’t tell her, but he insists he loves her. He has to love her his way though and instructs her to never accuse him of not sharing his life with her because she is the reason he does everything. Bridget softens and hopes they don’t lose this baby. He promises they won't and Bridget hugs him, as Sandy glares at them through the window.

In Hope's room at the hospital, the doctor says Hope will be fine but she should stay at the hospital a little longer. The doctor leaves and as Ridge and Brooke try to make her feel better, Hope calls her stepfather Ridge instead of Dad. Ridge notes she hasn't called him that in quite awhile, but she just shrugs and says it doesn't mean anything. Brooke again tells her daughter what she overheard was just them worried about what others might say and they want to protect her. Hope unemotionally assures them they have protected her because no one has ever said that to her. Hope is upset about the timing of her conception considering Deacon was still married to Bridget. Ridge and Brooke assure her they love her and then Steffy walks in. She apologizes for hiring Graham, but Hope says she was the one foolish enough to trust him. Brooke won't listen to them blame themselves and says there is only one person responsible for the evil Graham did. Alone with Hope, Steffy apologizes again, blaming herself for creating the situation. She knows she's been awful to her and declares it was never about her, which Hope understands.

Ridge brings Brooke coffee out in the hall and says Hope will be fine. Brooke wishes she could believe that and looks in on her daughter. They walk back in the room, where Steffy and Hope are in good spirits and joking around.

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