At Jackie M, Bridget continues to text Nick, who isn't responding. Oliver can't get a hold of Sandy either and they, along with Whip, talk about her. Bridget wishes she and Nick could do something for Sandy that would mean as much as her being their surrogate. Bridget tells Oliver about the immediate connection she felt with Sandy and believes she's an honest person, which is important to her considering the betrayal she's faced in the past. She says she trusts Sandy, as Oliver and Whip exchange glances.

Hope is taken to the hospital, where the doctor tells Ridge and Brooke the drugs she ingested could stay in her system for up to seven hours, but they will monitor her closely. Brooke cries and prays Hope didn't go through what she did.

Ridge goes out in the hallway, where Charlie Baker approaches him about Hope. Ridge asks if they caught Graham yet and Charlie vows to get him.

Nick runs on the rooftop looking for Sandy, as Graham stands over her and says, "I own you." Graham gets riled up as Sandy accuses him of raping her and others. She kicks him and he goes down. Nick walks up as Sandy grabs a pipe, ready to whack Graham with it. Lt. Baker comes up, defuses the situation and arrests Graham for raping Agnes Jones. Baker takes Graham away and a teary Sandy hugs Nick grateful for his belief in her. Sandy starts to cramp and Nick leads her away so they can go to the hospital.

Nick brings Sandy to the hospital and Dr. Caspary prepares to examine her. Sandy wants to wait to call Bridget, but Nick says he's kept enough from her already and he needs to let her in on everything. Nick calls Bridget and tells her she needs to come to the hospital. Bridget rushes over and Sandy apologizes to her. Bridget asks what happened, as Dr. Caspary comes back into the room to tell them things look good, but they aren't out of the woods yet. There's a fetal heartbeat, but the next few hours are critical. The doctor leaves and Bridget questions Sandy about her fall. Sandy remains silent, but looks at Nick who also remains mum. Bridget gets nervous and demands to know what happened.

Ridge returns to Hope's room and Brooke tells him Hope wasn't raped. Charlie walks in the room to tell them Graham is in custody. Ridge says they better lock him up for good and then tries to wrap his mind around the connection with Sandy and Nick. Brooke fills him in and thanks God Nick went to Graham's loft tonight. Brooke also tells Ridge Sandy didn’t want Bridget to know about her past and Ridge notes how complicated things are now. Ridge goes to get coffee and when he returns Hope starts to wake up. They rush to her side and she asks what happened. She only remembers drinking wine at Graham's and Ridge tells her Graham drugged her drink in order to take advantage of her, but help came in time. They are sorry she was so upset with them and feel responsible for what she overheard. Brooke promises they are not ashamed of her and that she is not a mistake, but a blessing.

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