Hope drives as she talks to her mother on the phone and swerves to avoid hitting a truck. She's fine and tells Brooke she doesn't want to talk to her and hangs up. Brooke frets about her daughter, as Ridge tries to assure her she just needs some time to process everything. He thinks Hope has a good head on her shoulders and will be fine until she's ready to talk.

Graham makes calls to have people come over to his loft for a party. He makes a call to one friend and says he has a gorgeous girl he wants him to meet. Hope shows up to Graham's place and finds a party raging on. She thinks maybe she should leave, but Graham convinces her to stay. As she goes to meet the rest of Graham's guests, he turns her phone off and pours her a glass of wine, slipping something into it. He convinces her to drink the wine and as she starts to feel the effects, Graham tells her she's having a great time and encouraging all the guys' attention. One partygoer brings them shots, which the guys, including Graham, take. They encourage Hope to do the same, but since she's so out of it, she drops it. Everyone leaves, as Hope remains lethargic and Graham tells her how crazy she was getting. She doesn't feel well and he helps her over to the bed. He lies down next to her and says in the morning it will be like nothing ever happened.

While waiting for Graham's DNA results at the lab, Nick leaves a message for Bridget to tell her he'll be home late. After he hangs up, Sandy says if Graham turns out to be the guy, then she will go after him herself, but she's going to be okay if they never find who did it. Nick wants to tell Bridget regardless of what they find out, but Sandy protests. Nick insists and says hopefully they can close this chapter of her life. She thanks him for all his support and help and Nick reiterates he will tell Bridget about it tonight. Sandy can't believe she's so close to finding out who attacked her and wants to get him so he can't ever hurt another woman again.

In Katie's office, she and Steffy go another round as Rick comes in with proofs from the Hope for the Future campaign. He tells the ladies he didn't hear good things about Graham at FC International and that he has the reputation for being a creep who doesn't treat his models very well. Concerned, Katie says she will check it out, but Steffy steps up saying she'll handle it because she brought him onboard and worries that he's working so closely with Hope.

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