At home Ridge, Phoebe, and Harry discuss the trial. Ridge tells Phoebe to stay away from Shane, his interest in her in entirely inappropriate, and he wants him to stay away from her. Ridge tells her to stay with hector and Harry and not to answer he phone or the door. Shane is going over his testimony with Storm, and will be at it all night.

At Shane's, Storm and Shane go over his testimony. Storm tries to get him to go over his testimony, but Shane keeps daydreaming about Phoebe. Shane escorts Storm out mid-sentence and tells him he knows what to say.

Thorne meets with Taylor. Taylor tells him that she's nervous about Shane. Thorne tells her that he doesn't think Shane is staying at the house anymore. When Taylor tells Thorne that she deserves everything she is getting, Thorne tells her that it was an accident, and she doesn't deserve any of this.

Ridge stops by to see Taylor. Ridge tells her that Shane is going over his testimony with Storm, and won't be bothering Phoebe tonight. Taylor thanks Ridge for protecting Phoebe. Ridge tells Thorne that he appreciates his change of heart, and gives him a big hug.

Storm comes into the room and tells them that he has just come from seeing Shane. Storm tells them that he thinks that if everything goes according to plan, Taylor should be coming home tomorrow.

After everyone leaves, Thorne tells Taylor it will all be over soon. Taylor tells him that his support and kind words are all that have kept her from drowning.

Shane calls Phoebe, and asks her if she's on her way over. Phoebe tells Shane that her dad doesn't want her to lave the house, so she asks him to come there. Phoebe asks him to meet her by the pool, and tells him no one else is there. He agrees, and once she hangs up the phone Harry says, You invited him here, Phoebe, what are you thinking?. Harry tells her that Shane is dangerous, and she argues that he is not.

In his car, Shane thinks to himself how far his life has come, and how one night has changed his entire life. He tells himself that he isn't going to blow this, and he is finally going to do something right with his life, tonight with Phoebe. Shane says Tonight is a night that is going to change everything, forever

By the pool, Harry tells Phoebe he is going to hide in the bushes. Phoebe begs him to go upstairs, but Harry refuses. When Shane pulls up, Harry rushes to hide in the bushes beside the pool. Shane comes by the pool with a bouquet of roses for Phoebe, he kisses her, and tells her that tonight is going to be a great night.

When Phoebe pushes Shane away he accuses her of using him for his testimony. When she tells him that is not the case, he pressures hr to admit she is using him. Bothered by his attitude Harry comes out of the bushes and punches Shane, making him fall to the ground.
Shane gets up from the ground and tells her that he thought this was their night. When Shane gets up Harry tells him that phoebe would never be interested in a dirtball like you. Harry and Shane fight, and Shane knocks Harry out. Phoebe and Shane continue to yell at one another causing Hector to come out of the house with a baseball bat. He swings the bat, hitting someone, and there is silence. Hector yells out Phoebe!.