At Shane's apartment, Phoebe asks Shane where he got all the pictures of her that are on his wall. He tells her he found them in a shoebox, and thought his wall was a much better place for them. Phoebe tells Shane she called Harry for a ride home. Shane tells her not to be alarmed by the photos; they're just a tribute to her. He tells her she deserves the very best, and that is exactly what she is going to get from him.

At home, Alexandra's colors a picture. When Thorne comes in, she tells him that she misses Taylor and asks him when she is going to come home.

Taylor meets with Storm at the jail. Storm tells her once again that he wants Shane to go last, and Taylor insists on him testifying first, for Phoebe.

As their dicussion wonds down, Thorne comes in and asks Strom how the trial looks. After Strom leaves, thorn stays with Taylor and asks her how she's holding up. Taylor expresses her concerns about Shane's testimony, and her fear that the jury will not believe that it's an accident. Taylor tells him that the fact that he believes it was an accident is all that matters to her.

Thorne gives Taylor a picture that Alley drew for her and a note telling her how much she misses her. Thorne told Alley that Taylor was in London, so Alley drew a picture of Taylor and the London Bridge. Thorne tells Taylor that when this is all over he wants her to start spending time with Alley the way she used to. Thorne tells her that he knows she would never intentionally hurt Darla, and he has to believe that the jury will think so too. Taylor happily hugs Thorne.

Hector and Harry frantically try to reach Phoebe. Hector gets Shane's address from a company he used to work for and Harry hurriedly heads out.

Phoebe tells Shane it's hard to feel romantic the day before her mother's trial. Shane tells her he is going to come through for her mother and starts to kiss her. Once again Phoebe tells him to stop, this time Harry starts banging on the door outside, telling Shane to open the door or he will break it down.

Shane puts the chain on the door and opens it. When he won't let Harry in, Harry breaks in the door in. Harry tries to take Phoebe with him, and she tells him that she is ok, and to leave. After some discussion, Shane asks her Once your mom walks free are you going to leave me?

Phoebe tells Harry to leave without her. Harry agrees, but tells Shane if he lays one finger on her, he will come after him. After Harry leaves Phoebe tells Shane she is attracted to him, but she is young and not ready for all this. Phoebe tells him she can't relax, but tomorrow after it's all over they can celebrate. Shane kisses her and says; Now we're talking.