Stephanie and Storm meet at prison. Stephanie tells him she isn't happy he is working with Nick, but doesn't want it to get in the way of his work with Taylor. Taylor comes in and tells them she wants Shane put on the stand first tomorrow, when Storm tells her he wants to wait to use Shane last so he leaves an impression, Taylor tells them she wants Shane to testify and get out of her daughters life.

Taylor tells them that Shane is putting pressure on Phoebe sexually. Stephanie assures her that Phoebe is safe and they will be done with Shane tomorrow.

Shane talks to someone on the phone and tells them tonight is the night. When hector comes in and starts talking to Shane about Phoebe, Shane tells Hector My testimony is what is going to set mommy free, and after that Phoebe is going to be mine.

Phoebe lets Harry in. When Harry asks her to go to dinner with him she tells him she can't because she has to have dinner with Shane. Harry tells Phoebe that he talked to Taylor, Phoebe gets angry with Harry for interfering and tells him he has to testify Phoebe tells him that she can't wait until tomorrow, after then Shane will be out of her life. Harry tells her that maybe then they can concentrate on other things, and then moves to kiss Phoebe. As they as about to kiss, Shane comes in and asks Phoebe if she's ready.

Taylor calls Phoebe and asks Phoebe if Shane is bothering her. When Phoebe says no, Taylor tells her that Shane isn't a stable person, and he is too old for her, so she should keep her distance. Phoebe promises her mother she will be careful, and tells her Tomorrow, Tomorrow it will all be over. Once she hangs up Shane tells her he'll get her mother out of that hell hole. Shane asks her if she's ready to go, and she tells him that it is very late and she would prefer to stay in. Shane tells her that if she doesn't go out with him, he'll go out alone and keep driving. Pressured by her desire to help her mother, Phoebe reluctantly agrees to go, telling Harry We're going to get a quick bite to eat, we'll be right back.

Later in the car Shane misses the turn for the restaurant. When Phoebe mentions it, and asks where they're going Shane says, To the most romantic place on earth, Chez Shane. Phoebe tells him that she doesn't want to go to his house.

At the house Hector comes into the living room and asks Harry where Shane and Phoebe. Hector is upset that Harry allowed Shane to take her.

Shane opens his apartment door to revel a table with a lit candle. Shane continues to mention how he is going to help her, and how all of mother's case revolves around his testimony. He tries to get her to drink some wine, but Phoebe insists on drinking water. Shane tells her to think of it as his gift to her, he adds there is another gift I wants to give to youtonight as he seductively touches her face.

Shane puts on some jazz music and takes phoebes hands and starts to dance with her. Shane tells her that she gives him romantic thoughts that he's never had before. He tells her that he is good for his self-esteem, and because of her goodness he feels like he can take on the world. Shane asks Phoebe to show him how grateful she is, and he starts to kiss her. Phoebe pushes him off, and tells him she is too young for this, and can't relax. Shane suggests she drink some wine. Phoebe tells him that she doesn't like wine, but if he'll go get some champagne she will drink that. Shane reluctantly agrees and leaves.

When Shane leaves phoebe calls Harry and tells him where she is. While Phoebe is looking for an envelope with Shane's address on it she comes across a wall covered in pictures of her. She exclaims Oh my god, just as Shane comes back in and takes her phone from her, hanging up on Harry.

The two talk, and Shane tells Phoebe that all he wants to do is make her happy. Phoebe tells him that the pictures caught her off-guard. Shane tells her that he loves her, and tonight she is going to love him too.

In prison, Taylor prays to god to keep her daughter safe for just one more night.