At the hospital, Jackie speaks with Stephanie. Jackie tells Stephanie that she used to think she understood her, and there was some scientific explanation for her sociopathic behavior. Now, she thinks that Stephanie is just a bully. Stephanie apologizes to Jackie. Jackie tells her that she just wants her life back. When Stephanie tells Jackie that life takes its toll on everyone, Jackie tells her Life has given you a choice, loose your freedom, or your company.

Jackie and Stephanie fight over Eric. Jackie tells Stephanie that Eric will show up at her door, and she won't turn him away. Stephanie tells Jackie that all she can ever see in Eric is sex, and Eric belongs with her. Jackie tells Stephanie that she is doing this for all of Stephanie's victims, but especially herself. Jackie asks her When you look in a mirror, can you not see how sick of a women Stephanie Forrester is?

You want to save the world from me? Stephanie tells Jackie. Stephanie tells her that she knows her tempter gets the best of her sometimes, but Jackie will not blackmail her. Stephanie tells Jackie I would rather be a bully, than a ineffectual person like you. Stephanie tells Jackie to feel free to prosecute her, no jury will convict her, and she will never give Jackie and Nick her company.

Eric tells Ridge that it was a mistake to allow Stephanie to go talk to Jackie. Eric suggests that they all pool their shares of the company and sell it. Eric says that he is tired of people jockeying for control of the company. Ridge tells him that selling the company is insane, they are paying the hospital bills for Jackie and her employees, which is all they can do. Eric pulls out a bottle of Cognac and he and Ridge have a drink. Eric tells Ridge that Stephanie has anger issues, and her temper can cause problems, and sometimes has even scared him. Ridge asks Eric if he is still in love with Jackie, Eric tells him that he doesn't fall out of love easily, and he is a lot like Ridge in that respect. When Ridge asks about Eric and Stephanie, Eric tells him what you see is what you get. Ridge asks Eric why he is still with Stephanie.

Eric tells Ridge that he stays with Stephanie because it is too hard for him not too. Everything in his life is in a web that Stephanie is in the center of. Ridge says She fights our battles, that's for sure, but she'll eat crow if she has too. Ridge tells Eric that he thinks Nick is trying to kill two birds with one stone and take the company, as well as keep Brooke away from Ridge. Ridge thinks that the plan will backfire.

Brooke talks to Nick and tells him he is hurting her by trying to get the company. She asks him to come up with a settlement and leave the Forrester's alone, for her. Nick tells her that he loves her and would do anything for her, but not this. Nick tells her to look at this as an opportunity. Brooke asks Nick to be fair, and he tells her that what Stephanie did to his mother will not pass with him.

When Nick suggests once again that he and Brooke run the company together, Brooke asks if it will be like this, where what he says goes. Brooke tells him that if he wants to take their company she can't stop him, but he will have to do it without her. Nick tells her that he will stop at nothing to make Stephanie pay, and she needs to prepare herself to see a part of him that she's never seen before.