At the hospital, Nick helps Jackie walk. The doctor tells Nick that she is making a lot of improvements. When Jackie gets dizzy, Nick helps her get back into bed and the doctor leaves to get her something for her pain. Once alone, Jackie asks Nick about Brooke and Nick tells her Brooke ended their marriage. When she mentions Stephanie, Nick tells his mother She is going to fall, she's just not going to fall the same way you did.

Storm stops by to see Jackie at the hospital while Nick is still there. Storm tells Nick that Donna is going to the DA, and Storm is prepared with the civil suite. Struggling to speak, Jackie adds, Get the company, Get Forrester Creations. Nick tells Storm that that is the only reason Stephanie wants Brooke back in the family, she wants to keep the company in the family and vows to try and take the most important thing to Stephanie, her company.

Brooke and Ridge meet at Forrester. Ridge tells her that he is happy to have her back where she belongs, and it feels like they're starting back where they left off. Stephanie comes in, excited to see Brooke and Ridge together. Brooke tells Stephanie that Nick plans on prosecuting her, and isn't going to let up on her.

Eli comes to Forrester and meets with Stephanie to discuss her case. Stephanie again says she is not responsible. Eric tells Eli that regardless Stephanie is partially responsible, and they should settle. Stephanie is angered by Eric's statement, thinking he is siding with Jackie because he still has feelings for her. Eli mentions to her that she can take action against Nick for him breaking in, as they start to discuss Nick enters with Storm.

Brooke tells Nick that putting Stephanie behind bars isn't going to help his mother in any way. Eric tells him he is prepared to be generous and make up for this mistake. Nick tells them he wants Forrester. He gives Stephanie the choice of giving him Forrester Creations, or going to jail.

Harry visits Taylor in prison. Taylor is surprised to see Harry, thinking her visitor was going to be Phoebe. Harry tells her he is worried about Shane and Phoebe. Taylor tells him that she has always been wary of Shane. Harry tells her that Shane is using Taylor's trial to get romantically close to Phoebe and he thinks she is getting in over her head. Taylor tells him that there is no reason to keep Shane in the house, and he'll be out soon enough. Harry promises to come back to see Taylor and let her know if anything happens.

Shane walks up to Phoebe who is working by the pool. Shane asks her if they are still on for their dinner date. Phoebe tells him she might have plans, Shane responds It looks like I'm getting the brush off, I wouldn't be getting the brush off seeing as your mother's trial has just been moved up and all. Phoebe assures him she is not brushing him off and accidentally drops a book trying to get away from him. Shane reaches to get the book for her pretending to twist his back in the process.He takes Phoebe's hand and puts it on his back asking her to massage out his pulled muscle. When she removes her hand saying she has to do her homework, Shane jumps back and gets on top of Phoebe, pinning her on her back to her pool chair.

Shane lets her go, and Phoebe tells him that if he can't control himself he should leave. Shane apologizes, but then goes on to tell her how attracted to her he is, and tells her he wants to show her what it's like to be in a real adult relationship. Phoebe tells him that she is a teenager and doesn't want that type of relationship, when she sleeps with someone she is going to be in love with them. Shane asks her to give him a chance to be the man she loves. Shane tells her they can just hang out, no pressure, if thats what she wants, as long as she goes to dinner with him tomorrow night. Phoebe agrees, and he leaves. After Shane leaves she says to herself she can't upset him until she has his testimony or he might run.