Nick holds Stephanie over the railing in her home demanding her to admit what she did to Jackie. When she refuses Nick eventually lets her go, telling her that he isn't as bad as she is. Once free, Stephanie runs to her room and locks the door behind her.

At the hospital Ridge arrives and approaches Brooke, Eric, and Donna. They explain that Donna told Nick Stephanie was responsible for Jackie's fall, the group decides to head back to the house and head off Nick. Donna decides to stay behind at the hospital, telling Brooke she has "something to deal with". Once they leave she makes a phone call, she tells the person on the other end she needs to see them immediately.

Back at the house Nick beats on Stephanie's door eventually beating it in. Once inside he finds Stephanie standing with a gun in her hand.

Brooke, Ridge and Eric come into the house to hear a gunshot from upstairs.

Upstairs we see Stephanie standing with a smoking gun, a bullet hole in the wall behind Nick's head. Stephanie tells Nick to leave or they will take him out in a body bag. When Ridge, Brooke, and Eric come in Stephanie uncocks the gun and hands it to Eric.

Nick still demands that Stephanie admit what she did to Jackie. Brooke trying to get him to calm down, tells him that if Stephanie is responsible then they will deal with it appropriately, but this is not the place. Outnumbered, Nick backs off telling Stephanie, The next time you shoot, don't miss.

Once Nick leaves Brooke asks Stephanie if she intentionally pushed Jackie. Stephanie tells them she was defending herself, which was the reason she came upstairs in the first place. She says she had no intention of Jackie falling.

Brooke catches Nick in the driveway. Brooke tells him that attacking Stephanie isn't going to help his mother. Brooke tells him she had wanted to be cautious until they know all the facts, and that her fear of this happening was why she wanted to wait to tell him until they knew all the facts. Nick, now aware that Brooke knew Stephanie was responsible in the first place becomes further angered, and tells her that he plans on using the information Donna has to take Stephanie Forrester down once and for all

Donna meets with Storm. Donna tells him that she saw Stephanie push Jackie over the railing. Donna asks if it is possible to prosecute Stephanie.When Storm tells her that it is possible, Donna responds, So, Stephanie Forrester could go to prison and never hurt anyone again. Storm tells her that Stephanie could be charged, but he could not guarantee a conviction. When Donna tells him she just wants to see Stephanie pay for what she's done Storm asks, What she's done to you, or to Jackie. Storm tells her that this situation could be problematic for Donna and Ridge. Donna tells him that Stephanie has never respected a Logan, and now it is time to pay.

Nick and Brooke come in. Storm tells Nick that he can prosecute Stephanie for aggravated assault.

Downstairs at the Forrester's Eric investigates the damage done to the downstairs glass door by Nick. Eric asks Stephanie once again if she was responsible for Jackie's fall. Stephanie tells him it wasn't her fault, Jackie wouldn't let go of her and the two stuggled. Stephanie adds that she isn't the one breaking into people's homes and damaging property. Once Eric and Ridge walk away Stephanie says to herself I have a mess of my own to clean up

Stephanie calls Donna and tells her she doesn't want Donna to repeat her baseless accusations. Donna puts Stephanie on speakerphone without her knowledge, so Nick, Brooke, and Storm can hear as well. Stephanie tells Donna that she is just like her mother, and what happened to Jackie was her own damn fault.

Once Stephanie hangs up Nick and Storm talk, Storm suggest they try to get money from Stephanie, Nick tells him that he wants Stephanie locked up, just like his mother is in her own body. Donna adds that people need to know what Stephanie is capable offinally we can make Stephanie pay and put her behind bars for a long time.