Nick goes into Jackie's room, asks the doctor how she's doing. Although she seems to be making some improvement, the doctor says Jackie may have long-term or permanent impairment. When the doctor refers to Jackie's case as an 'accident,' Nick comments that he wishes Jackie could tell him what really happened with Stephanie.

Donna and Brooke sit outside of Jackie's room. Brooke begs Donna to hold off on telling Nick. She tells Donna that she ended her marriage, that she's not going back to Ridge either. Donna says that Ridge never stopped loving Brooke. Donna thinks she may be better off leaving town. She has no man, no job-thanks to Stephanie. Donna looks to Brooke, says that Stephanie is going to get what's coming to her.

Donna and Brooke join Nick at Jackie's bedside. Donna apologizes for what Stephanie did to Jackie, asks Nick if he got her message. When he says no, Donna looks to Jackie, tells Nick it wasn't an accident, that she was there, saw the whole thing. Donna goes on to say that Stephanie pushed Jackie, she explains the chain of events as they happened Nick and Brooke ask if Donna is certain, and she says yes. Nick leans over Jackie, asks her if it's true, if Stephanie pushed her. Jackie nods. Nick kisses her hand, tells her he loves her, says he'll handle it Nick dashes out of the room!

Ridge tells Eric and Stephanie that Brooke is taking some time to herself, but assures them that Brooke will come back to him soon. Stephanie is pleased that Brooke left Nick. On another note, Eric questions Stephanie about Jackie's fall, says he can't see how she could just 'fall' over a waist-high rail. When Stephanie defends herself, Eric leaves Stephanie again tells Ridge that it was an accident, and he believes her. Ridge gets a call, says he has to go to the office.

Nick is in his car, racing over to Stephanie's, ignoring his ringing cell phone with Brooke on the other end.

Brooke is angered with Donna for telling Nick, says that Nick might do 'something.' Donna asks Brooke why she's protecting Stephanie. Eric walks in, says, "Protecting Stephanie from what?" Donna tells Eric that Stephanie pushed Jackie over the edge. Eric can't believe that Stephanie could do something like that. Brooke says she needs to go find Nick.

Brooke calls Stephanie, warns her that Nick is on his way over to see her. Eric takes the phone from Brooke, tells Stephanie to lock the doors!

Eric goes in to see Jackie, praying that Stephanie didn't do this to her. He says he's sorry, leans down and kisses Jackie.

Suddenly, Nick is banging at the door, and Stephanie tells him to leave! When it appears that he's gone, a few moments later, Nick smashes a window, storms in, tells Stephanie that he knows what she did! Stephanie asks Nick if he's lost his mind, tells him to get a hold of himself! She tells him to leave, but Nick refuses. She tells him it was an accident! When Stephanie goes upstairs, Nick grabs her, hangs her over the railing, screams for Stephanie to admit that she pushed Jackie over the edge!