Brooke drags Donna back to the house after she threatened to tell Nick about Stephanie pushing Jackie. Brooke asks her if she's absolutely sure that Stephanie pushed Jackie, and Donna insists that she did. Donna can't understand why Brooke is defending Stephanie, then she says, "Ridge" Donna asks Brooke which man she's planning on spending her future with, says that her decision affects her, too. Just then, Nick walks in, says it affects a lot of people. Donna leaves

Brooke tells Nick that their marriage hasn't been working, and Nick says he's willing to try hard if she is. Brooke informs Nick that she's come to a realization She says she can't love anyone right now, that she needs to stand on her own two feet, that she can't be married to anyone. Nick believes that he's the man for her, that Brooke believes that, too. Brooke expresses her feelings toward Nick, recites a part of the song that he wrote for her, "Going Back Again." Nick goes upstairs to pack, leaving Brooke thinking back on their memories together, their song playing in the background Upstairs, Nick thinks of the same memories Before Nick walks out the door, he drops his bag, goes to Brooke, removes his wedding band and places it in his pocket. Nick leaves

Stephanie tries to get Ridge to go to Brooke, says that Nick will use Jackie's accident to his advantage. However, Ridge trusts Brooke to make the right decision, thinks it's only a matter of time before Brooke comes back to him. Stephanie brings up Donna, thinks it'd be best for them to let her go from Forrester. Donna stands in the doorway, overhears Stephanie!

Donna comes into the office, tries to taunt Stephanie. However, Stephanie tells Donna how she views her, then leaves.

Donna comments to Ridge that they never really had a chance. Ridge says in another lifetime, he would've love that. She tells Ridge that Nick is with Brooke, and Ridge thinks that Nick is getting bad news from Brooke, that she's leaving him for Ridge! Ridge leaves to go to Brooke.

Later, Stephanie catches up with Donna. She hands her a box filled with all of Donna's things, says that they won't be needing her at Forrester anymore. Stephanie tells her to leave, to go away as far as possible. Stephanie leaves, and Donna vows to make Stephanie pay!

Ridge tells Brooke that although it must have been hard for her to turn Nick away, it was for the best. He says that their future is an open book, that it can be anything they want it to be. Brooke tells Ridge that she can't Ridge kisses Brooke, tells her that he loves her, kisses her again. Brooke never really tells Ridge that she's not coming back to him! Ridge leaves and the phone rings.

It's Donna. She tells Brooke about Stephanie firing her. Donna says she's going to Nick, to tell him that Stephanie pushed Jackie over the railing! Donna hangs up on Brooke and leaves a message for Nick to call her, says that Jackie's accident was NOT an accident!