Brooke is devastated to learn Ridge slept with Taylor and can’t believe he would betray her this way. He admits he felt better when he was with Taylor, but adds he wasn’t himself. Brooke blames Taylor for giving him the drugs to help him relax and for using them to get him in bed. Ridge tells her he knew what he was doing and won’t make excuses or blame anyone for what happened. He admits he took too many pills, but Taylor didn’t know. Brooke continues to blame Taylor and leaves after getting more upset.

In Hawaii, Nick freaks out about Owen and Jackie going AWOL, so Bridget tries to distract him with her considerable charms. It works and the newlyweds engage in some serious lovin'.

At Taylor’s house, Stephanie wants to call Ridge, but Taylor tells her not to.

After a surf lesson, Owen and Jackie return to their room and change, as Nick gives Bridget golf tips in their room next door. Bridget tells him to go golfing on his own and they go on the balcony and see their neighbors’ bathing suits strewn about. Nick thinks it’s tacky, but Bridget notes they have good taste because the suits are Jackie M.

A furious Brooke goes to see Taylor and yells at her for sleeping with her husband. Brooke accuses Taylor of luring Ridge into bed and Stephanie of being in on it. Stephanie defends Taylor as Brooke questions her about the pills she gave Ridge. Taylor asks Stephanie to leave them alone and then yells at Brooke for making accusations. She tells Brooke she and Rick have caused Ridge more pain than she has, but Brooke counters that Taylor used his grief to get what she wanted. Taylor tells her she couldn’t give him the love and understanding that Ridge needed, therefore she practically handed him to her. As they continue to argue, Ridge walks in and says taking the pills was a stupid thing to do, but Taylor didn’t know. Ridge didn’t mean to betray Brooke, but he made a mistake. She agrees it was a mistake, but thinks his feelings for Taylor still run very deep. She tells him he made a mockery out of what they shared by turning to another woman and she doesn’t know how they will get past this. She doesn't know what else to do and thinks this is goodbye.

Nick and Bridget go outside and hit golf balls. They run into the concierge who tells them a couple at the hotel are having a wedding on the beach.

Owen makes plans on the phone, as Jackie comes out after taking a shower. He tells her he has a surprise for her.

Nick continues to try and convince Bridget to play golf with him, but she tells him she’s no good. He gives her some instruction and she drives the ball, almost hitting Owen and Jackie on the beach.

Owen tells Jackie when they get back home, Nick will make his life a living hell because he doesn’t want them to get married. He tells her this is very real for him and he wants to prove his commitment to her. He asks her to marry him right there in Hawaii.

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